All Hail Piezilla!!! An Inside Look Into The Enormous Cicis Pizza And Its Trendy Challenge

Updated: February 11, 2024
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Reading Time: 8 Min
All Hail Piezilla!!! An Inside Look Into The Enormous Cicis Pizza And Its Trendy Challenge

The Texas-based pizza chain called Cici Pizza, the home of giant pizzas, has made a massive leap in its efforts to introduce Cici Pizza's Piezilla. A mammoth in terms of size figuratively, the pizza stands at about 28 inches, and yes, that equates to double the size of a large pizza. The Cici Pizza's Piezilla was designed to be a crowd pleaser, big enough for big events or parties that gather an audience. 




Cici Pizza's Piezilla is the brand's biggest pizza to date. It can be sliced into 64 pieces and usually comes with a variety of toppings to choose from. Preparing it takes a maximum of an hour. The cost of the entire pizza is around $65. The Piezilla has given the brand great exposure, which they have most definitely benefited from, and helped their reputation as they make their comeback from the bankruptcy scandal. 


Cici Pizzas Piezilla includes a traditional pizza crust smothered in garlic, filled with tomato sauce, topped with cheese, and then your preferred topping. Enthusiasts can choose from a wide selection of toppings, including ham, beef, bacon, chicken, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, jalapeno, and much more. 


Types Of Additional Toppings:


Customers who want to enhance their pizza experience can add extra toppings to their Cici Pizza Piezilla. The pizza chain offers a long list of topping options.


  • Meat:


 Chicken, Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Beef, Pepperoni and Anchovies


  • Veggies: 


Mushrooms, Red onions and Pineapple


  • Peppers: 


Banana peppers, Green peppers and Jalapenos


  • Cheese: 


Regular cheese, Extra cheese, and Cheddar 


  • Olives: 


Black and Green Olives


The Challenge


Customers can request more additional toppings for $6 each.


Due to the internet, Cici Pizza Piezilla has garnered interest like wildfire all over social media. Firstly, its gigantic size and ability make people doubt or wonder, "how will a person finish this pizza." 

That's when the Cici Pizza Challenge was introduced. The Cici pizza challenge was set to be attempted only inside the brand's store, where a person would set themselves up in a team of two and attempt to eat the entire Cici pizza Piezilla in under the 60-minute time limit without actually leaving the table or even standing up from it. The eventual winner of the popular challenge will receive a $300 cash prize for their efforts.

The Cici Pizza challenge brought the brand a much-needed spotlight. The home of the giant pizzas has since established more pizzas that garner the attention of the masses, but it all began thanks to the hard work of the Cici Pizza Piezilla.


Innovation Period 


Throughout the years, Cici's Pizza has continued to revolutionize and adapt to changes in customer preferences. The brand has introduced new menu items, improved its buffet offerings, and offered online ordering and delivery services to stay competitive in the modern dining landscape. This adaptability has set an example for other pizza chains to elevate production and stay relevant in the pizzeria market.




Cici's Pizza's influence on pizza goes beyond its delicious and affordable offerings. The brand's buffet-style dining concept, emphasis on affordability and value, commitment to variety and customization that fits the consumer's preference, community engagement, and adaptability have all significantly shaped the pizza industry. Whether you're enjoying a slice at CiCi's Pizza or a similar buffet-style establishment, the influence of CiCi's on how we dine and experience pizza is undeniable.