eDreams - Book Securely And With Confidence

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Updated: August 23, 2023
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eDreams - Book Securely And With Confidence

Informative About eDreams


eDreams is one of the leading online travel agencies in Europe. You can book everything via the online shop, from cheap and scheduled flights to cruises, packages, and individual travel to hotels and car hire. You have around 450 airlines and over 250,000 hotels for thousands of destinations worldwide. The stated goal of eDreams is to represent the "most competitive prices" through various providers. Customers with a narrow travel budget should especially like this. With our eDreams coupons, you can save even more on your travel budget. Before you visit the online shop, just go to the coupons at Wadav and get one of our free coupons. A small detour that saves you money.


Our Savings Tips For e-Dreams


We offer different coupons from eDreams, saving you a fixed amount or a percentage of your total bill, depending on the action. For which booking and travel periods, as well as destinations, the Dreams coupons exactly apply, it is clear from the respective redeeming conditions. Thus, a minimum order value may be required; some discount campaigns are aimed exclusively at new or existing customers, and others are valid only in connection with a newsletter subscription. Since discount offers change frequently, browsing the Wadav coupon portal for news is always worthwhile. The eDreams coupon codes are used immediately and forwarded directly to the online shop.


Redeem The eDreams Coupon Step By Step 


Choose Coupon 


Go to the coupon page of Wadav and choose a lucrative coupon for eDreams. See "Coupon details" to see the exact redemption conditions. Then click on "show coupon."


Secure eDreams Coupon Code. 


You will be shown if a promotional code from eDreams is required. Save this discount code by clicking "Copy Code" and then proceed to "To Shop."


Redeem Coupon Code From eDreams


Book in peace in the online shop for your travel components. The shopping cart will then display a box where you can insert and redeem the saved eDreams coupon code. 


If there are problems redeeming a coupon code, it is often due to these errors:


Was The Coupon Code Entered Correctly?


The coupon code of eDreams is only redeemable if inserted correctly. When transmitted by hand, numeric and letter turners often happen. Check the discount code again and leave extra spaces at the beginning and end.


eDreams Coupon Still Valid?


After a certain period, coupons are no longer valid. Check the redemption instructions for how long it applies. If it has expired, just choose another coupon in the Wadav coupon portal and save.


Have You Fully Paid Attention To Redemption Instructions?


Coupon conditions may apply in addition to the time limit. Does your product count towards the discount redeemable items, or does the coupon value only apply to certain airlines, hotels, and rental cars? Do you belong to the clientele? Is a minimum order value required for the booking? The coupon is valid if all conditions are met.


Did You Find What You Are Looking For On eDreams?


The online shop offers the booking of flights, hotels, holiday accommodations, rental cars, and cruises individually or in combination. These are the top categories.


1.     Flights: Which can save the most, which is flexible in date or destination? On the homepage, wait for "current offers" and "flight bargains." 


2.     Hotels: Here are new offers every day. Alternatives to hotels can be found in the category "holiday accommodations." 


3.     Rental Cars: The cooperation of the shop with more than 800 rental companies in 167 countries results in the largest car rental portal in the world. A car for your trip can also be booked online at Europcar or Sixth.


Payment, Shipping, And Returns On eDreams


  • Payment: eDreams is an intermediary for airlines, travel agencies, car rental companies, and insurance companies. Concerning the payment, the conditions of the respective travel provider apply. While flights and insurance are to be paid immediately, car rental and hotels are often paid on the spot. A down payment is often required for package holidays, vacation rentals, and cruises, and the remainder is paid in installments. As payment methods, PayPal and VISA, MasterCard, and Amex credit cards are available in the online shop.


  • Shipping: The travel documents are sent electronically as an e-ticket after payment. This usually happens after a few minutes but, at the latest, within 24 hours. In addition to the booking date and the trip details, the reservation procedure contains the booking reference and the electronic ticket number. In addition, passenger information and the payment amount can be seen. Print the document out. You can request an invoice in the online shop under the keyword "Help" with your email address and booking number if you need an invoice.


  • Returns: If you want to cancel or change your booking, the terms of the respective travel agency, the airline, or the rental car company apply again. If a rebooking or cancellation is possible, the online shop charges its processing fee and any fees incurred by the provider. With booked standard or premium options, canceling flights via eDreams is free. For low-cost airlines, please get in touch with the airline directly.


  • Customer Service: Customer service is available by phone Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Outside of office hours, an emergency team is available for urgent cases around the clock, just before travel, but only in English.


Telephone: 030/52 00 20 73


Emergency hotline: 040/80 90 59 43


Email: customer service@edreams.com


FAQs About eDreams


How Is The Best Price Guarantee Claimed?


The online shop advertises with the Best price guarantee. The operator will refund the difference if you see a similar offer cheaper on another travel portal. The following conditions apply: Customer service must be informed immediately after booking the competition offer, including a link to the website and an exact price quotation. During the review, the offer must still be bookable online. All booking conditions, such as travel date and duration, room category, and equipment, must be the same. Cancellation may not incur any fees from the booked provider.


How Can I See The Status Of The Booking?


You can check the status of your booking at any time via the online shop. Normally, you will receive an email titled "Booking confirmed." Then everything fits. If you receive an email titled "Booking in process," you will receive the confirmation within 24 hours. In an email titled "Booking canceled or payment refused," there were problems with the charge or the ticket issue. You will then receive further instructions by email, for example, about another payment method.


How Long Are Offers Available For A Free Cancellation?


Green-marked flights offered by the online shop with the possibility of free cancellation can only be canceled during opening hours by calling customer service. After that, the usual cancellation costs apply. As the request requires approval from the online shop for the airline, it will take up to twelve weeks for the money to be returned. After four weeks, you can request the status of your refund online.


Further Savings With eDreams

  • Combination offers: Even without a package holiday, you can save a lot on simultaneous bookings, for example, from flights and hotels. City breaks and rental cars are often offered as reduced-price travel packages. Look for suitable recommendations in or next to your booking mask.


  • Last-minute offers: If you can travel spontaneously, you can secure considerable price advantages in the "Last Minute" section. There are short-notice offers in all categories, including flights, hotels, rental cars, holiday apartments, cruises, and package tours. 


  •  Round trip: Those who book roundtrip flights and rental cars will receive significantly better rates than just one direction. If you are still flexible in terms of travel date, travel duration, or even travel location, you can push the price even further. Try different options.


European Leader In The Internet

  • The travel portal is operated by the Spanish company eDreams Vacaciones in Barcelona. The e-commerce company was founded in 1999 in Silicon Valley by Javier Perez-Tenessa Block, who previously worked at EADS, McKinsey, Netscape, and AOL. Their website is visited more than 100,000 times daily.


  • In the rental car sector, eDreams works with rentalcars.com, hotels with booking.com, and vacation rentals cooperate with Atraveo.


 Travel Industry Awards


  • Best Online Travel Partner - Global 2016


  • Best Online Travel Partner - Global 2015 â€" CFI.co


  • Best Flight Booking Website: 2015 + '16 — British Travel Awards