From Mountains To Beaches: 25 Incredible Places To Visit In The USA

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Updated: August 22, 2023
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From Mountains To Beaches: 25 Incredible Places To Visit In The USA


Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a nature lover, or a city explorer, we've got you covered. We've scoured every corner of the country to bring you the most exciting and captivating destinations, all guaranteed to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


From the sunny beaches of Florida to the rugged mountains of Colorado, from the bustling streets of New York City to the laid-back charm of New Orleans, our list has something for everyone. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!


We'll take you to the heart of the Grand Canyon, where the majestic beauty of nature will take your breath away. We'll show you the bright lights of Las Vegas, where the party never stops. We'll even take you to the vibrant streets of San Francisco, where you can taste the best sourdough bread in the world and ride the iconic cable cars.


But our list doesn't stop there. We'll also guide you to the peaceful tranquility of the Great Smoky Mountains, the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls, and the majestic Rocky Mountains. And let's not forget the stunning beaches of Hawaii, where you can soak up the sun and surf the waves.


As you explore each destination, you'll discover unique cultures, cuisines, and quintessentially American experiences. From savoring a deep-dish pizza in Chicago to indulging in the world-famous lobster rolls in Maine, you'll have the opportunity to sample some of the best food the USA offers.


So whether you're planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a solo adventure, our list of the 25 Best Places in the USA has got you covered. Let's hit the road and explore the land of the free and the home of the brave!


1. New York


A house for beginners, a refuge of stock magnates and immigrants from all over the world, New York is constantly changing. Still, it remains one of the world's fashion, theater, food, music, book publishing, advertising, and finance centers in five urban areas - an impressive number of museums, parks, and ethnic neighborhoods. Follow the example of the inhabitants: walk the streets. Each Quarter in this dazzling kaleidoscope reflects the nature and history of the city, and even a short walk will take you through various continents.


2. The Grand Canyon


You saw the Grand Canyon in the cinema; you have heard about the Grand Canyon from any traveler. The Grand Canyon is huge, and its age is almost impossible to imagine: it was formed over 6 million years ago, and some stones within its walls.


Look over the edge, and you will come across the great power and mystery of the land on which we live. Having seen the Grand Canyon, you cannot compare it to any other miracle of nature.


3. Highway 66


In 1926, combining Chicago and Los Angeles, this concrete tape became the main US route. Along the way, you will see neon signs, car parks, snack bars, and cinemas for motorists.

Since 1984, I-40 has been used instead of this road. Today, a trip on Highway 66 is a journey through the American Outback. The National Museum of Highway 66 is located in Elk City.


4. New Orleans


New Orleans lives to eat. The French, Spaniards, Sicilians, Filipinos, Haitians, citizens of the former Yugoslavia, the Irish, and the Germans - all contributed to this feast of the stomach, making New Orleans one of the most food-loving cities in the United States.


Yes, the city has a unique history, magnificent architecture, and amazing music, but the trip here is only about food. Leave the French Quarter - the oldest part of the city - and grab a snack at Riverbend, Uptown, Faubourg Marigny, and By water to experience the true taste of New Orleans - a crab in a soft shell with young potatoes and almonds.


5. Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone attracts more than other national parks because of the enchanting beauty of nature, amazing geology, and the best places to observe wild animals in North America.


Divided into five visible regions, it occupies a huge area - almost 5,600 square kilometers. Yellowstone has so many beauty highlights that you could easily devote several days to studying them all. Impressive geysers, waterfalls, Rocky Mountains, scenic overlooks with excellent views, gurgling mud boilers, and 1,600 kilometers of hiking trails await you. 


6. Autumn In New England


An important occupation, which takes on an epic scale, is observing how the leaves change color. You can do this anywhere - just one tree. However, I want to see it a lot. From Litchfield Hills in Connecticut and Berkshire, Massachusetts, to Stow in the north of Vermont, the hillsides are buried in crimson, orange, and yellow crowns. Bridges, churches with white spires, thickets of maples in Vermont and New Hampshire - the terrain seems like a gateway to paradise.


7. San Francisco And The "Wine Country"


Drowning in the thump of old-fashioned trams and creeping into the thick evening fog, San Francisco extends to the hills and valleys. He invites us on a long journey to an acquaintance with music shops, world-class restaurants, and the nightlife of Bohemia.


Turning around the corner to enjoy the coastline view, you are caught. If you can tear yourself away, visit the lush vineyards in the valleys of Napa, Sonoma Rush River, lying north of the city. Travel, wonderful wine, fresh vegetables from the garden - this is the "wine country."


8. Chicago


The city of winds will make you admire your appearance: buildings that touch clouds, beaches on the shores of lakes, and world-class museums. Chicago is a mixture of high culture and the joys of the earth. Is there another city where the sculpture of Picasso is dressed as a local sports team? Where else do the residents stand in lines for hot dogs, like in the best restaurants in North America? Winters are harsh, but it's worthwhile to come flying as Chicago celebrates warm days with food and music festivals.


9. The World Of Walt Disney


"The happiest place on Earth" is exactly the name of "The World of Walt Disney," where you get the impression that you are the most important character in the show.


In addition to the crazy attractions, entertainment, and nostalgia, the magic is also to see: here is your child is full of confidence from Gulf's smile, turned to him, Cinderella curtsy to him, here with Baz Leather, he guards the galaxy or fights Darth Maul, like a real Jedi Knight.


10. Deep South


Steeped in history, the smug Deep South connects America's most enchanting features: moss-covered marshes of South Carolina, slag-block dives of the Mississippi Delta, and the hidden French-speaking enclaves of swampy Louisiana.


Known for its slowness, the Deep South knows everything about the little pleasures of life: about the taste of fresh oysters in the hut near the Gulf, about walks along the avenues of the pre-war Savannah, about the sweet tea that you sip, chatting with new acquaintances.


11. Las Vegas


The city of sin is the heart of American dreams that radiates the neon light of a brilliant life. Here, the names of the billionaires are flickering on the roofs of luxury hotels. Here, the noise of the slot machines, the tinkling of glasses from the martini, and the hypnotic rhythms of the DJs that have not ceased until dawn merge into a single sound. 


12. Pacific Highway


Coastal highways originate in Canada and snake along the West Coast of the United States to the Mexican border, revealing a landscape to motorists. From the tops of the cliffs, the gaze opens up to the raging waves, sunlit hills, eucalyptus forests, and lush redwoods.


The road leads past wild beaches, idyllic small towns, fishing villages, and virgin tropical forests. Contemplation of nature can be combined with adventures in big cities, plunging into the lives of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. 


13. Miami


What a lucky city! Others are satisfied with one or two merits, but Miami has everything. Pass the beaches and the historic area of Art Deco, and every turn will open new faces. On the smoke-filled dance floors, Havana emigrants dance sleep and boleros. Brazilian models with flashing eyes dance hip-hop Latino in Brazilian nightclubs, and the older men clap their dominoes in the park. To top it all off, in the streets and restaurants - dishes of Caribbean, Cuban, Argentine, and Spanish cuisine.


14. National Alley


Three-kilometer, framed with cult monuments and sacred marble buildings, the National Alley is the focus of Washington's political and cultural life. In summer, there are major music and food festivals, and all year round, visitors wander through the halls of America's richest museums located among the greenery.


15. Yosemite National Park


The famous valley of Yosemite is of glacial origin. Here, the heart always beats often, the summer, when vehicles block roads. In spring, plunge into the stream of roaring waterfalls with melted snow water; circumnavigate the high mountain meadows, drowning in wildflowers, singing the main theme from the musical film "Sounds of Music." The landscape of Yosemite intoxicates. Sheer rocks, rock layers, and ancient giant redwoods cause dizziness. If you are looking for solitude and space, 1770 square kilometers of pristine nature is what you need.


16. The Rocky Mountains


The Rocky Mountains - home of the highest mountain peaks of continental America: steep peaks, turbulent rivers, centuries-old gorges, and national parks. In winter, skiing and snowboarding on snowy slopes. In the spring - a hiking trip or a mountain bike trip to where everything blooms. On a sunny summer day, dip in the raging white waters. And besides, you can recharge in refreshing thermal springs and small breweries and restaurants, where vegetables are served directly from the garden.


17. (Blue Ridge Parkway) Blue Ridge Highway


Near the southern Appalachian mountains of Virginia and North Carolina, you can enjoy the magnificent sunsets, view fauna, and lose a sense of reality at the sight of a wasteland stretching on the sides of this 750-kilometer highway.


18. Austin And San Antonio


One of the brightest stars in Texas, ecologically clean Austin is a city of food, drink, and shopping, full of creative and bohemian spirit thanks to the university's nonconformist sub-culture. It is one of the musical capitals of America: From its scenes every night, a dizzying variety of melodies is heard. Two major music festivals collect the best of the best.


Southwest of Austin is the city of San Antonio. It fascinates tourists with a charming promenade, lively festivals (among them the ten-day festival of San Antonio), and a rich history (from serene Spanish missions to the battle for the Alamo).


19. Boston And Cape Cod


Direct your feet along the famous Freedom Trail as if members of the long Boston Tea Party Paul Revere and Sam Adams. Feeling the history of revolutions, round the campus of Harvard University and defuse in any of the famous city clubs. Then, relax on the beaches of the national coast of Cape Cod, go on a whale-watching cruise, and get lost in the wild dunes of Provincetown.


20. Native American Cities


With its fantastic ancient and modern attractions, Southwest is the country of Native Americans. In Colorado and Arizona, one can see ancient houses on the tops of cliffs, whose Indians lived among this impressive rocky landscape. Once there, you can hire a guide, trek to the sacred Canyon of De Schei, spend the night on the reservation, and purchase handmade products from the masters. 


21. Seattle


A modern city on the Pacific coast, Seattle can transform the ideas that originated here into global brands. He earned a place in the pantheon of the "great" megacities of the United States with the world-famous music industry, vibrant coffee culture, and a propensity for Internet innovation.


22. Los Angeles


Although Los Angeles is the world's entertainment capital, it's still not just a movie industry star. It is the city of the eccentric Veniz Beach, a district in the west of the city with beaches, canals, basketball courts, and bicycle paths, art galleries and restaurants in Santa Monica, independent suburbs like Los Feliz and Silverlake, surfers like beaches like Malibu, Griffith Park.


Dig deeper and discover many museums of all kinds of art, experiencing a cultural revival of the city center and full-of-life multi-national areas - there to find excellent food, turn around the corner.


23. Texas Barbecue


Texas is the state of world-famous barbecue. Countless combinations of sauces and meat allow you to experiment endlessly, and real treasures are combinations that have been popular for decades. Also, do not look for a way to eat barbecue without getting dirty: a pair of napkins.


24. Central America


Endless open roads, mesmerizing parks like the Badlands, and delicious food in Kansas City are just a few pearls on the beads of the Great Plains. There are plenty of surprises around, and some may surprise you more than you expected: Karhenge in Nebraska, the Corn Palace in South Dakota, and the stunning Space and Ridingum in Kansas. Riding on legendary roads like the US50, you will get an unforgettable experience.


25. Hawaii


Hawaii is a magical place. Where else will you find tropical rainforests, smoking volcanoes, tumbling waterfalls, and beautiful beaches in such a small area? Beautiful hiking trails and opportunities for kayaking with ancient coastal rocks, surfing (for pros and beginners), and full of the elusive charm of the island: you slowly contemplate the world and enjoy a wonderful meal.


In addition, Hawaii has its own culture, imbued with the Polynesian atmosphere of relaxation. Set up to spend more time here than expected.


Always remember that there are other excellent places to visit in the USA besides those on our list. Every traveler may find something to enjoy in the United States, whether interested in outdoor activities, cultural experiences, urban excursions, or natural marvels.