Enlightenment To DSW Return Policies — Return The Product Quickly To Their Respective

Updated: September 22, 2023
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Enlightenment To DSW Return Policies — Return The Product Quickly To Their Respective


Most goods can be returned or exchanged if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, as it didn't match your dress or the size doesn't fit. So, the return time starts being recorded from the day of purchase.


Recently, the DSW return policy has been getting a lot of attention. They not only give you several days to return your shoes, but they also allow you to order online, and if you have tried it on at home, it is entirely risk-free.


Before purchasing your next pair of shoes, boots, or sandals, read this information on Designer Shoe Warehouse's latest return policy.


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What Is DSW's Return Policy?


Read out the following points to learn about the DSW return policy in a much better way. 


Procedure For DSW Returns At Your Local Shop:


Your neighborhood shop is the only place to return anything you buy offline. However, you can buy things online with DSW's online return policy.


Thus, this is a better choice for online shopping as it helps eliminate $8.50 in shipping and handling fees. Just adhere to these easy steps:


  • Gather the paperwork you need to make your transaction. These consist of the DSW return policy with a receipt or an invoice, the first payment approach (e.g., the credit card used to make the payment)


  • Original packaging for a product

  • If you lose your receipt, provide a legitimate government-issued photo ID with your name, address, and signature.


  • Bring the documentation mentioned above and visit the customer service desk at your local DSW shop (check out to locate your nearest DSW in-store return policy).

  • The customer service person would verify eligibility based on the purchases and invoices.

  • You will receive the money returned in the original manner of payment right away after it has been approved. You will welcome a repayment as a merchandise credit for returns without a permit.

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Return Using Your Preferred Shipping Method:


Aside from these differences, the general procedure does not change. First, if you purchase postage at whichever post office or parcel site you like, you will not be charged the $8.5 shipping price. Saving the shipping money feels so good.


Second, you need to enter the address. Transmit the package to ATTN Returns processing, 4314 East 5th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, with ZIP code (43219).



Exchange Regulations DSW:


The fact that DSW Exchange policies are entirely free makes them even more consumer-friendly. Yes! You have it exactly right.


You won't be responsible for paying the shipping costs for in-person exchanges or by mail; even shipping costs for the exchanged item would be covered. Moreover, you can exchange them in person and get a better thing than before. Best thing ever, isn’t it?


The Exception:


DSW only prohibits the following items from being returned for a refund or exchange: the DSW return policy on worn-out goods, goods from final sales, fragrances, dry shampoo, nail polish, face care items, alcohol-containing products, rechargeable batteries, and USB rechargeable gadgets are examples of specialty goods.





  1. What is the DSW Customer Service number?


You can call Customer Care at 1-866-DSW-SHOES from Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 10 PM ET. Though the timings on Saturday are 10 AM to 10 PM ET, on Sunday, it is 12 PM to 9 PM ET.


  1. What if I give a gift back?


Be aware that if you return a gift, you will only receive a merchandise credit that can be applied to future purchases. Also, if you produce something purchased with a DSW Rewards certificate, you will only get refunded the original purchase amount.


  1. How long will it take DSW to process the refund?


The amount is immediately credited for in-store purchases. However, it can take 7-10 days for online mail.


  1. What is the DSW clearance Return Policy?


The returns are completed after 90 days, along with the shipping invoice and original sales receipt, and will be published as an inventory credit instead of an original form of compensation. Swaps made after 60 days will get administered on a product's credit for any distinction payable.


  1. Are worn shoes returnable?


According to DSW shoe return policy, No, it is expressly stated that the item must be in unused condition. It is simple to return items that have been opened but are still in brand-new condition.


  1. How can I exchange or return the shoes I bought on DSW.com?


It is where the DSW return policy excels, though. On the DSW original website, you may buy the same shoe pairs you fancy, and as long as your order exceeds $35, you can return or exchange them all for no cost. I ended up making sure you complete it within 60 days, though.

These policies make them ten times cooler, so whenever you shop with DSW, your stress about returning your product will be free.