Unlock the Power of Disability Discounts: Unlock Opportunities and Savings!

Updated: February 04, 2023
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Unlock the Power of Disability Discounts: Unlock Opportunities and Savings!


It can be challenging to live with a disability or care for a loved one with special needs. It may also be costly, mainly when you account for prices like medical supplies, therapy equipment, and medication.


Our communities are dynamic and essential places for people with disabilities.


There are 56.7 million persons in the US who live with impairments, according to the US Census. Since that represents one-fifth of the population, you may know someone with a disability.


The issue?


Living with a disability, however, can make finding (and keeping) a job rather tricky. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities was 10.5% in 2016. The rate for those without disabilities is half as high.


Consider all the infirmities that necessitate constant medical attention, specialized equipment, or companions to assist them in navigating life, not to mention the financial hardship a handicap can entail.


We comprehend your desire to give your family nothing but the best. We've put up a thorough list of grants, freebies, and discounts for disabled persons as a service to you. Our collection includes deals for both adults and children. For people with cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities, permanent disabilities, and intellectual disabilities, we've listed deals.


There are a ton of services available for people with disabilities, but you might not find them if you don't know where to look.


It is crucial first to determine whether you are eligible for the following discounts for a disabled person.


Although many people fall within the technical definition of a disabled person provided by the ADA (someone with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits main living activities), not all of them may be eligible for these reductions. The majority of organizations want strong evidence, like a Medicare card or a certified diagnosis.


Although, if you:


  • Own a disabled parking permit or plate.

  • Are you unable to move?

  • Are you hard of hearing?

  • having visual impairment

  • possess a diagnosis of ASD

  • Obtaining Medicare


You can be sure that you are eligible for these disability discounts, and you're in luck. You've located the most comprehensive and most incredible list of disability discounts available to people with impairments. This comprehensive list won't disappoint, with more than 100 bargains for PWDs.


Let's start with the goods and services that PWDs are entirely free to receive.


Amtrak Disability Discount


The Department of Justice has revealed that Amtrak has given $2.The number of disabled people who experienced discrimination while commuting by train or while attempting to do so ranges from 25 million to more than 1,500. The funds are a portion of a settlement that the DOJ and Amtrak came to in December 2020.


The payouts follow a year-long procedure to identify American citizens with disabilities who were impacted by stations that were judged inaccessible to those with impairments. People who attempted to pass through one of 78 designated stations with serious accessibility concerns were eligible for the funds.


After receiving complaints from disabled individuals and The National Disability Rights Network in 2011, 2012, and 2013, the DOJ opened an investigation into Amtrak that led to this payout.


According to one of the complaints, Amtrak has accessibility problems with parking, pathways from accessible parking to buildings, building entrances, waiting for areas, elevators, restrooms, signs, pathways from buildings to passenger platforms, track crossings, passenger platforms, and passenger platform heights.


Curt Decker, executive director of the National Disability Rights Network, said in a statement that inaccessible railway stations are more than simply a hassle.


"The cornerstone of communal integration is transportation. Without it, many disabled persons are unable to go to work, shop, visit friends and relatives, or carry out the regular duties required to live in the community."


In 2015, the DOJ released a letter of findings citing 78 inaccessible stations as evidence that Amtrak's stations did not adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Justice Department's inquiry found that Amtrak failed to comply with the ADA's requirement that it make its transportation network accessible by 2010.


Amtrak, which operates around 500 stations in 46 states along with the District of Columbia, is "willing to take responsibility for the accessible features of above 400 of the roughly 514 stations it operates," according to the DOJ.


Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division stated, "These payments, coupled with Amtrak's continuing efforts to make train stations accessible in accordance with our settlement agreement, move both Amtrak and our country forward into meeting the ADA's goal of equal opportunity for persons with disabilities."


Amtrak must finish designing at least 135 of its current stations to make them accessible, as well as finish building 90 of them and start work on 45 more, according to the Justice Department's statement.


Amtrak expressed its satisfaction with the conclusion it reached on passenger accessibility with the Department of Justice and, indeed, the Federal Railroad Administration in a statement to Insider. According to the fund administrator, "the December 2020 analysis conducted a $2.25 million optimal allocation, which is presently being disbursed, for passengers who might have been harmed by lack of accessibility at certain stations."


Adult passengers with disabilities are eligible for a 10% train fare discount from Amtrak. On the Downeaster trains between Boston, Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine, passengers with disabilities are entitled to a 50% discount. Regardless of the service they travel on, children with disabilities are entitled to the standard 50% child discount plus an additional 10% off the discounted child fee.


Amtrak also provides a 10% discount to passengers traveling with a companion with a disability. People designated as companions must be able to help a passenger with a disability as needed.


If you have a disability, you must show documented proof of it while purchasing tickets and boarding the train. Documentation that is acceptable includes

  • ID card for the transit system for people with disabilities

  • a disability organization's membership card

  • Medicare card, if under 65, a Veteran's Administration ID with "Service Connected," and a state Department of Motor Vehicles-issued disabled/accessible parking placard (photocopy is acceptable).


Discount Restrictions


  • Check the terms and limitations of each promotion or ask your reservations sales representative for further information regarding restrictions. It may not get combined with other discount programs.

  • Only passengers using their wheeled mobility devices, such as a wheelchair or scooter, are eligible for the discount for people with disabilities on the Auto Train.

  • Additional limitations can be present.

  • Passengers Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult passenger at least 18 years old.

  • Children who travel by themselves are not eligible for a child's discount.

  • Not valid on Acela trains on weekdays.

  • This does not apply to First Class, Business Class, or sleeper accommodation fees that are not Acela-branded. These improvements are only available after paying the total cost of the accommodations.

  • Not valid for use when connecting with some Amtrak Thruway services.


Verizon Disability Discount


You can find simple satisfaction by saving money when you shop online, isn't that right? Verizon Wireless continuously offers discounts. Numerous promo codes are available online. Take advantage of this promotion without any hesitation.


There are 31 options, including the Verizon Wireless Disability Discount, for you to select from. When you shop at the Verizon Wireless website, they can assist you in saving more money than you anticipated. So please feel free to try them. Not all items in the online store are eligible for this promotion, and you can check the offer at verizon.com to see if it fits your needs and learn more about it.


Are you prepared to use Verizon Wireless' disability discount now that you've read this? Simply remember that it has an expiration date. Verizon Wireless is constantly prepared to give its users the most recent details on special offers from a wide range. You can examine it to determine how it can benefit you.


In addition to its popular wireless services, Verizon offers TV and discounted internet for disabled people. They do not currently offer particular discounts for people with disabilities. However, they offer cheaper plans to seniors 55 years or older.


Details of the lowered plan:


  • Required Age: 55+

  • Only accessible in FL, MO, and IL, it costs $60 for one line and $80 for two lines. (For comparison: None-55+ Price: $75 for a single line and $130 for two lines per month.

  • Minutes: Countless

  • Unlimited text

  • Unlimited LTE data

  • Extra benefits include an unlimited mobile hotspot (600kbps).


You can benefit from a few Verizon Wireless discounts and exemptions if you're a student. You can save 10% to 25% on the monthly cost of your data package, depending on your school. Simply enter your school email address to see what deductions you qualify for.


Amazon Prime Disability Discount


Currently, Amazon Prime costs $120 per year. However, the handicapped community dramatically benefits from free food and shopping delivery to our door.


Alexa is a voice-activated assistant that can support both the blind and those of us with mobility challenges. Almost anything can be requested of Alexa, such as "Alexa, turn on the lights." Alexa may get accessed through Echo speaker sets. 


(Used to cost $60/year; now free with Prime membership) Audible Channels

Free access to music, movies, books, games, and photo storage


Disability Discount On Utility Bills


A federal program called Fuel Assistance, commonly known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), assists low-income individuals and families with their winter heating costs. Local community action programs are used to run the fuel assistance program (CAPs).


Low income and little assets are requirements for receiving fuel assistance. Identify the Community Action Agencies that serve your neighborhood.


Utility companies for gas and electricity all provide minimal incentives. You automatically qualify for discounts if you get benefits from MassHealth, SSI, fuel assistance, veterans' programs, Head Start, or the school meal program. You might save 20–35% with these reductions on each bill.


Call your gas and electric providers and ask for an application to be considered for reductions. If you need to refer to your utility provider, seek the Customer Service number located on your utility statement. Call 1-877-886-5066 the Department of Public Utilities for further details.


Additionally, electric and gas companies give free "energy conservation studies" that can help customers save money on insulation, water-saving fixtures, low-energy lighting, and utility costs. For information on either program or the customer service section of your utility company, to contact the Department of Public Utilities consumer division, you can call 1-877-886-5066. In addition, regardless of income or possessions, water, and sewer providers frequently give reductions to those with impairments. Ask by giving your water company a call.


For those with low incomes who are ineligible for fuel assistance, your local Salvation Army Office administers the Good Neighbor Energy Fund. Your Salvation Army Office administers the Good Neighbor Energy Fund for those with low incomes. You can direct your application to your neighborhood Salvation Army Service Center. Please dial 339-502-5900 if you are still looking for a Service Center in your neighborhood.


To get assistance with paying your heating expenses, call Mass 2-1-1. Just phone 2-1-1 to get help. Always available.


Peoples Energy


A low-income community shared solar scheme called JOE-4-SUN provides solar energy at a significant discount to needy families.

Phone: 877-563-4645.


Verizon customers in Massachusetts have access to accessibility resources. If you are blind or have low vision, are deaf-blind, or have mobility issues or cognitive impairments, you may qualify for directory help exemptions and operator assistance exemptions. Verizon can provide eligible people with impairments with a phone or adaptive communication equipment if they make less than $50,000 annually. 


For additional information on any of these programs, contact the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities. Call 800-974-6006 to speak with the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities (TTY).


A state organization called the Department of Telecommunications and Cable can help consumers with disabilities who are having problems with their cable or landline telephone service.

Phone: 617-305-3531

Call 800-392-6066 toll-free.


A federal initiative called Lifeline gives low-income customers phone savings. You may be eligible for Lifeline if you receive MassHealth, Fuel Assistance, Food Stamps, or government assistance. Depending on where you reside, those who qualify may be eligible for reductions of up to $30 on telephone hook-up fees (Link-Up) and can lower monthly costs for basic phone service (Lifeline). The cost per month for these discounts is now $9.25. Lifeline does not cover long-distance and cell phone services.


Call your local phone carrier to apply for Lifeline.

888-641-8722 USAC LifeLine Program Verizon 800-837-4966


Enhanced Lifeline Program of the FCC

Increased Lifeline benefits are offered to low-income persons who dwell on Tribal grounds because telephone subscriber levels are the lowest in the nation. For further details, visit the website's Tribal tab.


Disabled Veteran Discounts


More than 4 million veterans in the US have a handicap resulting from their service.


When military personnel is wounded or handicapped in battle, there is a lot to learn about their condition and how to get access to helpful services. To assist in locating and using these programs, every veteran—as well as their caregiver(s)—needs education, knowledge, and support. Veterans can access job, benefit, medical, and legal options from Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), as well as information, resources, and support for family members and communities. Peter Quinn, the executive director of PVA's Arizona chapter, provided a summary of their services during a conversation with him.


"We offer a wide range of medical supplies, including wheelchairs, bathroom accessories, pillows, walkers, canes, sliding boards, and even indoor elevators. Priority is given to veterans before the general public can access the equipment.


The Reeve Foundation's Military & Veterans Program can help veterans with spinal cord injuries and paralysis navigate primary care, medical information, peer mentoring, military benefits, quality-of-life grants, social and recreational alternatives, and more. The Injured American Veterans organization provides information and resources on limb loss, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, health, paralysis, service animals, medical treatment, and other topics for disabled veterans, carers, and families.


The US Department of Veterans Affairs provides veterans, families, communities, and companies with a vast array of options, including veteran benefits, healthcare, insurance, educational opportunities, financial assistance, and employment opportunities. Through their location search filter, you can locate the VA facility that is closest to you. For active service soldiers, veterans, and families, Military.com provides resources with information on perks, incentives, and employment opportunities. Veterans and their families can get crisis management resources, advice, and referrals through the National Veterans Foundation. These services include a vet-to-vet helpline and outreach programs that offer clothing, food, transportation, jobs, and other necessities.


100 Percent Disabled Veterans Discounts


Veterans who meet the requirements for a VA rating of 100 percent disability are entitled to additional benefits not accessible to other Veterans. The list of benefits for veterans who are disabled and their dependents are provided below. The benefits differ from state to state. 


A Monthly Payment


Veterans who qualify for the maximum monthly, tax-free compensation amount possible do so with a rating of 100 percent disability. Depending on the circumstances, a Veteran with a 100% disability rating may receive $3,106.04 each month. The compensation amount rises if the Veteran has eligible dependents, such as a spouse, dependent parent, or children. You can find pay rates here that take dependents into account.




Each Veteran enrolled in the VA healthcare system is given a priority category. The VA uses Priority groups to control resource allocation and healthcare enrollment, and veterans with a perfect VA rating qualify for Health Care Priority Group 1. Furthermore, there are no co-payment requirements.


  • Preventive measures

  • Initially care

  • Specialty care

  • Home health care for mental health

  • Tooth care

  • Optical care

  • Elder medicine and ongoing care

  • Prosthetics, medical equipment, and other aids

  • Placement in a nursing home

  • Perks for travel connected to illness

  • Audio devices

  • Health insurance for dependents (if dependents are not TRICARE-eligible)

  • Foreign medical assistance


Affordable Housing


The VA could offer grants to service members or veterans who have a total and permanent disability related to their service. This also involves adopting a house they own or purchasing a property and modifying it to suit their needs due to a disability. Veterans and active military personnel who qualify may now get up to three grants.


Those who have previously received grants but have yet to reach the current cap may be eligible for additional grants.


Property Tax Exemption


Veterans with a total disability rating are eligible to apply for a property tax exemption. Remember that the eligibility requirements vary from state to state. Therefore, you should verify the regulations in the state where you now reside.


Automotive Registration


Depending on where they live, veterans may qualify for free vehicle registration.


Dental Advantages


Dental diseases related to the military can receive treatment. Additionally, regardless of whether their dental problem has a service connection, Veterans who are assessed at 100 percent are qualified to receive complete dental care at a VA Medical Center.


Forgiveness of Student Loans


You won't be responsible for paying back the following loans following a total and permanent discharge. 


  • William D. Ford received a loan from the Federal Direct Loan Program.

  • A financing arrangement made possible by the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program.

  • Federal loans through the Perkins loan program

  • Fulfill a TEACH Grant service requirement while claiming a total and permanent disability.


Disabled Veteran Flight Discounts 


Veterans who are 100% disabled can go into space with specific limitations. However, it does not cover the dependents of the veteran. To learn about the most recent regulations, contact the nearest Space-A terminal. Depending on base space, veterans who are completely disabled might also be allowed to stay there. You need to contact the base lodging office to ascertain if there are any vacancies.


Veterans with total disabilities are eligible to fly for free on Space Available or Space-A flights. On DoD aircraft, the Space-A Program maintains additional seating capacity.


Across the mainland United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, and American, Air Mobility Command (AMC) operates a vast network of flights.


Before boarding an aircraft, you must get a DD Form 2765, a Department of Defense/Uniformed Services Identification, and a Privilege Card.


Uber Disability Discount


Uber Assist is a service that links clients in need of extra assistance with drivers who have received the necessary training and certification to assist passengers in getting in and out of vehicles. For customers in motorized wheelchairs, UberWAV, which stands for wheelchair-accessible vehicles, offers trips with ramps or lifts.


Your phone serves as your office when you drive for Uber. We're collaborating with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon to reduce your monthly rate by 8 to 22%. And your family can benefit from these savings as well.


How can I increase my Uber discounts?

Uber has created a promotion for online cab ride reservations.

Get a discount of up to 150 rupees when you pay for your Uber cab rides with Paytm.


How can I increase my Uber discounts?

Uber has created a promotion for online cab ride reservations.

Get a discount of up to 150 rupees when you pay for your Uber cab rides with Paytm.


To receive the discount, enter the Uber promotional code RIDEIND50.

When paying for three journeys using Paytm, the discount is applicable.

Selected users and riders can take advantage of this Uber Paytm deal.


What is exceptional help? Uber?

People who require additional support with accessibility, such as those who are disabled, elderly, pregnant, or unwell, can receive it via Assist. Visit these driver-partner sites if you want to learn more about transporting passengers with disabilities.


Seniors and persons with impairments can receive additional assistance via Uber Assist. Driver-partners can accept foldable wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters and are specially trained by a third party to help riders into automobiles.

Support For Wireless Phones


Using AT&T wireless service with a disability? Through the NCCD (National Center for Customers with Disabilities), you can obtain specialist assistance. You could request assistance getting your bill in a format that is easy to read, such as large print or Braille. Additionally, you can learn more about the following:

  • The billing in the Braille

  • Program for Directory Assistance Exemption

  • Text and data options for those who are hard of hearing, have trouble hearing or have trouble speaking.

  • Tools and accessories

  • Services and features

  • Personalized calling plans


Callers can reach the NCCD at 866.241.6568 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.ET, from Monday to Friday, utilizing a TTY (teletypewriter). Call 866.241.6567.


Support For Wired Phones And U-Verse TV


Have a disability and use AT&T wireline or U-verse TV® service? You can obtain your bill in a format like Braille or giant print with the assistance of the Disability and Aging Center. They can address questions regarding your account. They can also aid you in determining whether you qualify for a discount on local toll calls or directory assistance (411).


The Disability and Aging Center is open from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. ET. The Disability and Aging Center's voicemail number is 800.772.3140. As an alternative, dial 800.651.5111 from a landline.


Additional Details

Accessible Equipment For Conventional Home Phones

Look through the home phones and accessories offered by Clarity® to find precisely what you require for improved communication. Contact them over the phone at 800.426.3738.


Instant Text (RTT)

RTT enables the transmission of communications in an alternative text format character by character. Text (either by letter or symbol) is shown on the receiving device as the sender types a message on their device. 


Smartphone, tablet, wearable, smart TV, and mobile app accessibility. You can identify accessible mobile devices and apps with the help of the multilingual web tool known as the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI).


Directory Assistance

You may be eligible for reduced local directory assistance if a disability makes it challenging to use a phone or access a phone book (411) for you. Become familiar with the Directory Assistance Exemption Program.


T Mobile Disability Discount


The Directory Assistance Exemption Program (the "Program") aims to assist customers who meet the requirements for a qualifying disability in reducing the calling cost for the information line of TMobile's 411. The list of benefits available and who is eligible is below.



Customers who meet the program's eligibility requirements receive $54 per month in Directory Assistance Credits from T-Mobile. The fees will show up on your periodic statement, and TMobile will access your account at the end of your billing cycle and revise the charges to a maximum of $54.00 each month.


There is a maximum of one approved subscriber who can receive benefits. In certain circumstances, two subscriptions may be acceptable. To be taken into consideration, each subscriber must submit a unique and complete application.



Customers with the following disabilities may be eligible for the program: physical (such as loss of hands or use of/or control of hands, chronic severe tremor, spasticity or paralysis, non-correctable double vision, significantly disabling conditions like those found in advanced stages of certain diseases, hearing impairments, etc.); visual (such as legal blindness, other diagnosable blindness, etc.); and cognitive (such as learning disabilities) (including neurological conditions, inability to sequence numbers, etc.).


All candidates must submit a completed Certification of Disability along with their application in order to be eligible for Program payments. A certified agent must complete the Certification of Disability. The Certification of Disability attached hereto describes what makes up a certified agent. Any costs a customer incurs in an endeavor to get certified are not T-responsibility. Mobile's



All applicants must reapply if their temporary handicap lasts longer than 6 (six) months from the date they filled out this application. Credits will be granted again once the new application has been handled.


Additional Details And Disclaimers

Please give the processing time of up to two weeks. Exemptions are not retroactive and must take effect on the day the consumer enrolls. Once the request is handled, enrollment confirmation must be sent via mail or email.


Enrollment in this program is not automatic, and applications that are not complete or do not include a disability certification won't be taken into consideration. T-Mobile reserves the right to end this voluntary initiative at any time.


Comcast Disability Discount


The growth of Comcast's Internet Essentials service enters the picture. A number of changes have been made to the program over the years, including low-income veterans and those getting public housing benefits. The program was initially created eight years ago to assist kids who receive free or reduced-price lunches at school to obtain access to the internet at home. Last month, Comcast finally let those with disabilities who receive benefits like Social Security and Medicaid sign up for the $9.95 service, extending eligibility to all low-income homes in its service area.


When the program was first introduced, David Cohen noted, "We understood right away that we were leaving out a significant portion of adults who don't have children." We always anticipated that we would need to take action to ensure that individuals with disabilities could participate in the program's expansion.



All Americans With Low Incomes And Disabilities Can Now Access To Comcast's $10 Internet Service.

Low-income people need help getting broadband as the privileged among us: few affordable options and even fewer. Comcast, which is also the cause of many of these problems, offers a helpful program for anyone in need, and a number of other groups are now eligible for $10 connectivity.


The "Internet Essentials" initiative has provided discounted internet for disabled, underprivileged communities, and other needy groups for several years. Two million households have already been connected, and many more could do so with the new, extended eligibility possibilities the business recently revealed.


In essence, you are eligible if you have a disability, are from a low-income household, or are a participant in one of the several government financial aid programs. Applying here is free of charge.


Before today, you were qualified for a dozen or so of those programs. Still, Comcast announced that the following categories are now eligible for the program:


  • Individuals with impairments

  • The elderly on Medicaid

  • Adults with low incomes are those who are 38% or more above the local poverty level.


Many people who may not have participated in one of the other programs, such as the Section 8 housing or National School Lunch Program, are now eligible, thanks to that last one. Come on in if you have a modest income.


You are also welcome if you participate in any of the following support programs in case you are unsure of your actual income:


  • National School Lunch Program through Medicaid (NSLP, free and reduced-price lunch)

  • Nutritional Supplemental Assistance Program (SNAP or food stamps)

  • Section 8 Temporary Help for Needy Families and HUD housing assistance (welfare)

  • Subsidized Security Income (social security)

  • Early Head Start or Head Start

  • Program for Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP)

  • tribal support (TTANF and FDPIR)

  • Women, children, and infants (WIC)

  • VA benefit


Any of these entitle you to $10 broadband (plus relevant taxes and fees, probably a few dollars). The $150 computer is also available for application. Ask around before investing in Comcast's house brand because inexpensive laptops are relatively simple to get.


Technically speaking, this connection isn't considered "broadband" by current criteria because it's only 15 megabits in speed (rather than the five megabits). However, it won't interfere with your ability to stream music, play games, browse the internet, or watch YouTube. Be ready to wait longer if you want to watch Netflix in HD. Additionally, there is a 1-terabyte data cap, so continuously streaming 4K is definitely not a good idea.


For delivering this, Comcast deserves praise (The company should get commended for being so unique). It is more extensive than other low-income connection options like AT&T, Cox, and others, but if they are the monopoly in your area. There is a decent list of programs here, so at least they exist. Before you decide to pay the full fee, make sure to inquire if your provider has one.


Duke Energy Disability Discount


The energy supplier offers programs to help people who are having problems paying their electricity bills. Call Duke Energy as soon as possible if you need utility or electric bill assistance, whether it's a reduction, giving the family more time to get back on track, or even if you know someone struggling and needs help. They will go over payment options with you, look into government energy assistance programs, or check to see if you qualify for Duke Energy's exclusive energy programs for customers who are disabled, aged, or unwell.


Customers 65 years of age or older, disabled, or dealing with a health issue may frequently be eligible for financial aid or grants from Special Needs programs. Customers with special needs will receive assistance from Duke Energy in the form of discounts, payment plans, or assistance with utility bills.


Low-income households may qualify for the Home Energy Assistance Program, which provides grants of money to clients to assist them in covering some of their heating costs. The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), which is financed by the federal government and is available to low-income households and seniors, may help them with some of their monthly heating costs. The enrollment period begins in the fall.


Helping households with a disabled person who utilizes Duke is another area of emphasis for HEAP. All qualified families that directly or indirectly pay their home energy expenditures or bills as a non-designated component of their rent may also be eligible for HEAP benefits.


Customers with low incomes who are disabled or at least 60 years old may be eligible for grants or financial aid to cover a portion of their monthly heating costs. This donation initiative to assist with energy bills and other utility costs is funded by donations from kind Duke Energy employees, shareholders, and customers.


People can apply during the fall, which is when it typically runs, and the money will get given out a few weeks later. The Duke Energy Helping Hand Program will offer immediate financial assistance and cash grants to senior and disabled customers who satisfy specific requirements starting every fall. Energy bills will be paid as a one-time cash payment of $100 under the Duke Power Helping Hand Program.


Xfinity Disability Discount


Recently, Xfinity made some exciting announcements regarding its Internet Essentials Laptop Program and expanding its reach to more disadvantaged individuals.


Let me tell you about the most comprehensive and extensive internet program in the nation for households with low incomes and impairments, the Xfinity Internet Essentials Program. Families may now purchase brand-new computers from Xfinity for a meager cost.


The benefits of the Xfinity disability discount are many.


The "digital divide" is much more significant for people with impairments. Fifty-seven percent of people with disabilities report they do not even own a broadband internet subscription, and 23% say they never use the internet, according to the Pew Research Center.


Accessibility is what makes the Xfinity Low-Income Program so crucial. The Xfinity Internet Essentials Program can be different for a family.


The Program's Elements Include


  • Affordable Computers

  • $9.95 per month for a home internet connection with high speed

  • instruction in computer and internet usage (safety, basics)

  • language instruction, including American Sign Language (ASL)

  • There is no installation fee or contract.


Disability Discount Card


When out and about, you might be qualified for specific discounts and accommodations if you have a physical or learning disability. Additionally, grants are available to assist you with additional fees and care.


Disability advocacy According to Scope, the cost of living is £583 more expensive for impaired persons than it is for non-disabled adults on a monthly average. Families with disabled children must spend an additional £581 per month on average; for one-fourth of these families, this amount exceeds $1000 per month.


The Max Disability Discount Card


The Max Card is intended for foster families and children with special needs. You can receive discounts for a disabled person on days out at a variety of participating destinations throughout the UK.


The card can only get used while the foster child or child with special needs is present because it is their property.


The Amount You Can Save

The attractions you pick will determine how much you can save. Each attraction provides a different discount, ranging from 5% to free admission.


Who Is Qualified?

  • foster parents (local authority)

  • foster parents (independent fostering agencies)

  • families with kids that need special education or who have disabilities


Discounts, concessions, and grants can assist in lessening some of the financial strain on disabled persons and their families in addition to government benefits.


The CEA Disability Discount Card


Card The CEA Card entitles you to a complimentary guest admission to the theater. 90% of cinemas in the UK take part in the program.


The Amount You Can Save

You will pay for your movie ticket and arrange for your companion—a friend, family member, or caretaker—to receive a free ticket, saving you a combined 50%.


Who Is Qualified?

At least eight years old, and you must be eligible for one of the following benefits:


  • Payment for Individual Independence

  • Disability Living stipend

  • Attendance Compensation

  • Payment for Military Independence


You will also qualify, regardless of whether you obtain any of the perks mentioned above, if you possess the following:


  • Gravely Sight Impaired Registration Severely

  • Sight Impaired Registration


Diversability Disability Discount Card


A new discount card for people with a variety of disabilities is called the Diversability Card. Although it is still in production, participating brick-and-mortar and online stores will offer customers disability discounts.


Who Is Qualified?


  • People who gain these advantages include:

  • Payments for Individual Independence (PIP)

  • Attendance Compensation

  • Disability. Suppose they get a higher or lower rate for the mobility component or a higher or medium rate for the care component. They might then be qualified for the Daily Living Allowance (DLA).

  • Serious Disability Allowance

  • War or Service Disablement Pension for at least 80% disability and War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement

  • Individuals who possess one of the following:

  • A visual disability

  • An unsound hearing

  • Epilepsy

  • Bearers of Blue Badges

  • Participants in the Motability Scheme


Traveling Disability Discount Card

You can purchase discount cards like bus passes or rail cards for public transportation. See "Using public transport with a disability" for further details about discounts for disabled persons and accessibility to public transportation.


A Blue Badge, which enables you or the driver to park in disabled parking places, may also be available to you. As of January 2019, those with dementia and learning difficulties are also eligible to apply.


Please visit "Parking for individuals with disabilities- the Blue Badge scheme" for further details about eligibility, where you can park, and how to apply. Some toll booths also offer concessions, but you have to request them in advance.





Many museums and tourist attractions provide discounts for disabled persons without the requirement for a particular card. If you request "one disabled person and caretaker," you can also be given free entrance for one companion. Not all attractions do, so before you visit, check the admission costs and concessions on the attraction's website.


You might be asked to provide documentation of your learning disability, such as a Blue Badge or a statement from your doctor.



For people with learning difficulties, many charitable organizations offer grants. You may receive a lump sum of money from these awards to help pay for recreation, vacations, equipment, education, and even housing.