Da Bomb And Hideaway Pizzas: Explore And Experience A Sensational Showcase Of Spice Of The Highest Order

Updated: February 14, 2024
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Da Bomb And Hideaway Pizzas: Explore And Experience A Sensational Showcase Of Spice Of The Highest Order

Hideaway Pizza is one of those places where the passion for pizza making gets a mixture of innovation. The brand is usually known for its ability to combine other renowned ingredients to bring forth a product that is beloved by all. While the first location was originally found in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the company has flourished throughout the USA, giving exposure to its creative culinary ways. 



One of Hideaway Pizza's most recognizable features is its diverse and out-of-the-box type menu. While the popular brand garners major attraction because of its classic cheese and pepperoni pizzas that are beloved by all, its specialty resides in pies. Hideaway Pizza has not only won the admiration of residents but has also garnered a national reputation for its distinct flavors and strong commitment to quality.


Da Bomb:


It is what it sounds like. Hideaway Pizza’s Da Bomb is a collaboration between two well-respected companies, merging to produce a spice-filled pizza delight that tingles the taste buds of each daring enough to munch on it. Da Bomb is essentially a beyond-intense hot sauce that packs a punch. Labeled as not for the weak-hearted, the highly sought-after hot sauce has transcended the set perimeters of the Scoville levels and continues to break heat limits with newer editions of the hot sauce being displayed.  


The Hideaway Pizza's Da Bomb is a way to cater to spice enthusiasts; its mixture with the pizzas that Hideaway Pizza only elevates the dish to a higher ceiling. Here are some Specialty Pizzas that Da Bomb is incorporated in:


  • Inferno Margherita: 


The classical Margherita pizza is thrillingly enhanced by including Da Bomb hot sauce. It presents a sensational blend of mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and spicy hot sauce.


  • Volcano Veggie Delight: 


For those seeking a spicy kick when having their vegetables-filled pizza, which spreads a generous amount of Da Bomb hot sauce all over it, they are offering its vegetable-consuming enthusiasts a spicy alternative. 


  • Smokey BBQ Inferno: 


This pizza variation brings forth the smokiness of the BBQ chicken goodness and mixes well with the burst of Da Bomb's explosive flavors. It delivers a blend of both savory and spicy-tasting food. 

The Challenge: 


The Hideaway Pizza prominently features hot sauce bottles in each of its booths to enhance the taste and flavors of each willing customer. The inclusion of hot sauces has quickly presented a challenge, which Hideaway Pizza promotes. The ultimate challenge, which has claimed the title of "Da Bomb Heat Conqueror," has garnered a surge in popularity after it was highlighted and spread throughout social media. The participants of the challenge must go through a range of various heat levels starting from mild to wild, and the person who successfully overcomes the odds and beats the challenge is awarded the luxury of being part of the illustrious "Heat Conqueror Wall" and a certificate which deems one worthy of possessing high-spice tolerance.

It is not the first time Hideaway Pizza has tried collaborating with other renowned companies to excel or enhance their pizzas, and it won't be the last.




Hideaway Pizza is not just a pizza restaurant; it's a living testament to the power of tradition, quality, and community involvement. Its influence exceeds far beyond the brand's delicious pizzas, impacting the surroundings of the area it serves and setting an example for businesses and the people running it in how to thrive while staying deeply connected to their roots. Whether you're experiencing their specialty pizzas in Stillwater or at one of their many locations, Hideaway Pizza remains an iconic slice and a symbol of pizza excellence.