Choose A Car For Recreation And Travel

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Updated: May 06, 2018
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Choose A Car For Recreation And Travel

Want to conquer new spaces and are going to go on a long and exciting trip across the country? Then you need a car for traveling and outdoor activities - the ideal solution for those who dream of comfort and freedom, without forgetting about safety and reliability.

Auto tourism is becoming more and more popular: imagine how pleasant it is to race along the road, watching the scenic landscapes and enjoying every new place. To arrange tents and sit around a fire or to conquer a mountain peak is the dream of many drivers, for whom a trip with close friends in search of adventure is a good occasion to get together a friendly company and leave far behind the intrusive noise of a metropolis.



The car for rest and tourism is a subject of special pride of the owners because this machine must have outstanding technical characteristics, combine power and spaciousness, practicality and economy and convenience.

The advantages of recreation and tourism on a private car are independent planning of the route, independence from the carrier and freedom, which is so appreciated by travelers. Naturally, when choosing such a machine, it is necessary to be guided by several criteria, each of which requires a separate consideration.



·        The spaciousness of the salon is an absolute plus if you are planning to go on a quest for new impressions by a noisy company or want to arrange an unforgettable picnic for the whole family.


·         The trunk of the corresponding dimensions - it will easily add up everything that can be required on the road.


·         Soft suspension - on a car with a tough long journey becomes a real test for both the car and for those who are in it. The technical characteristics of a car for recreation should be on top.


·         The level of security is another big plus for all who cherish the tranquility of their friends and relatives.


·         Economical - we need a universal model with low fuel consumption.



Do you want to go with your family to the forest with the tents or go to the river bank to get an unforgettable impression of meeting with the untouched beauty and peace of nature? The decisive factor, in this case, is the size of the machine. If you chose a small hatchback, get ready for disappointments: there is hardly any place for everyone. That is why the car salon for rest should not be tight - otherwise, it will not be possible to make the trip as comfortable as possible for all members of the company. The ideal model is a car with a high ceiling and an extra legroom.


Foreign drivers increasingly prefer SUVs: the device of such a car allows it to easily overcome any obstacles in its path and withstand long trips. However, there are also disadvantages - a high price for most models. How to be the one who wants to save on buying a car of your dreams for family trips to nature? The ideal option will be roomy budget wagons, distinguished by the reliable assembly, high running characteristics, stylish design and spacious interior.



Where to put a tent, sleeping bags, and equipment, without which the journey turns into an ordinary trip? When choosing a vehicle, pay attention to the trunk of the car: it should be spacious. The ideal option will be models that allow you to use the entire interior space and are suitable for the transport of bulky goods. The shape of the lid should not interfere with the placement of things.


Pay attention to the lower plane of the door: the lower it is, the more convenient it will be for you to place heavy bags. And the presence of additional niches designed to accommodate many useful trifles is another advantage of the models, the configuration of which allows you to take with you everything that can be useful in the way.



The rigid suspension is good only on racing cars: on cars for rest, it should be moderately soft. It is this device that is responsible for the comfortable running of the car, the absence of oscillations with a high frequency. Agree, no one will want to feel all the roughness and bumps on the road, especially if the terrain that you have to master is far from the ideas of urban residents about the impeccably flat track.


The soft suspension allows you to overcome ruts and pits with greater smoothness and protects the wheel disks and the body of the car from deformation. Ideal option - the right setting. It depends on it, it will stand your car test off-road or not.



Adventures should bring only pleasant impressions, and not become dangerous entertainment, which can result in an accident. A high-quality security system can protect participants of the trip. It should include not only cushions and adjustable belts, but also ABS, remote lock control, ESP and other useful options and functions that allow you to avoid danger and manage the control in any situation. If small children are traveling with their parents, there must be a fastening for the special chair in the cabin.



Another point is the volume of the engine. The bigger it is, the higher the cost of gasoline and the costs of the trip. Comfortable and fast driving can be economical - the right choice of model will save money. A powerful jeep eats much more fuel than a station wagon, under the hood of which is a suitable engine.

Maintenance is another expense item. Unplanned repairs will be cheaper for owners of profitable models, to which it is easy to get the necessary parts. Advice for all motorists: going on a long journey carefully check the condition of your car on a vehicle inspection. Do not forget to bring everything you need not only for yourself but for the iron horse: a set of tools, gasoline, motor oil, etc.


A fast car, combining maneuverability and comfort, high traffic and elegant design is the dream of all travelers who do not want to limit their freedom and go on their own cars. An important factor is the price of the issue: a technologically and reliable model can be available, while a large amount is required to buy an SUV.

Relax with the whole family, without thinking about the extra expenses for fuel and service - such a scenario became possible with the advent of budget wagons - cars with which the trip to nature will be comfortable and safe.



·         Skoda Fabia - this model is distinguished by a good running gear, roomy interior, and thoughtful interior and convenient gearbox. With all the advantages, the model has its drawbacks. One of them - a small trunk, the capacity of which is one of the main factors in choosing a car for recreation.

·         Lada Kalina 2 - domestic hatchback with a new climate system and an improved interior, equipped with ESC stabilization system (its availability is indicated in the list of options for luxury versions). Of the disadvantages should be noted the small capacity of the trunk and a large consumption of gasoline.

If you want to find a budget, technology, and comfortable car for family vacations and trips to nature, take a closer look at the Acura MDX - a model that meets the world's quality standards. This reliable and stylish car is an ideal choice for those who want to spend a weekend outside the city in a pleasant company.