The Complete Guide to Best Buy Return Policy

Updated: October 27, 2022
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The Complete Guide to Best Buy Return Policy


Policies which companies have can be good enough for their customers. They have these policies to ensure a good connection between the customer and the company. Most of these policies favor the customer because companies care about their loyal customers. They are constantly working on their policies and bringing the best to the table. Speaking of a better policy, Best Buy is one of those companies with the best approaches for their customers. Keep reading this article, and you will get to know more about Best Buy return policy and other policies.


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Best_Buy’s_Promise_To_Their_Customers:">Best Buy’s Promise To Their Customers:

Best Buy says that they make sure that they will keep everything up to mark and give their best to their customers whether it's online, at the store, or you are inviting them to your house. If the customer isn’t happy and satisfied with their purchase, they can go for a replacement, return or repair. You can benefit from going for returns at Best Buy.


Individuals who want to return or exchange whichever item they have purchased from Best Buy must know that the item can be returned or exchanged within 15 days for a refund. The procedure is simple. Bring the thing with all the contents, packaging, and proof of purchase. Best Buy will start the process of returning or exchanging the item.


However, if a question crosses your mind that ‘how long is Best buy return policy,’ remember that it's 15 days, and get your item returned as soon as possible.


People can get their smartphones, tablets, and wearables within 14 days for a full refund. The return period is helpful for every customer. The Best Buy return period starts whenever you purchase the product. It applies to new stock, clearance items, open-box, and other products.


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Restocking_Fees:">Restocking Fees:

Some of the items in Best Buy come with a restocking fee if you return them to the store. It is applicable on activatable devices (ex. prepaid phones). There’s a 15% restocking fee of the item’s in-store price imposed on electronic items, cameras and their lenses, electric bikes, body recovery systems, projectors, presentation screens, and made-to-order products. If you ever think of that, ‘is there any Best Buy laptop return policy, then yes. You can return it to Best Buy.


For the residents of Alabama and some other states where the law prohibits it. Some states, according to their rules, tax the fees.


Last_Sale_and_Items_That_Can’t_Be_Returned:">Last Sale and Items That Can’t Be Returned:

Anything bought off final sales can’t be returned at any cost. Other non-returnable items include custom orders, personalized orders, and non-subscription digital content (including digital games, excluding Microsoft Office). Moreover, prepaid cards, vehicle replacement key fobs, memberships, services used, and products that are opened and interact with bodily fluids. Also, trading cards (inc. Pokemon cards), home standby generators, opened SIM kits, consumable items, oils, fuel, filters, and much more.


Like-New_Condition:">Like-New Condition:

Whenever you look forward to returning the item to Best Buy, make sure that the item is in like-new condition. Things that have a terrible situation, damaged, dented, scratched, or missing significant parts, will be declined to be returned. Clothes have to be unworn and not laundered. They have to be with their original tags attached so Best Buy can accept them as a return.


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How_To_Return_An_Item:">How To Return An Item:

Whenever you want to return anything, gather the receipts of that item with its original accessories and actual packaging.


Returning In Stores:

If you are thinking of returning the item to the store, ensure you avoid the shipping charges. Just head to any store and give them the thing so you can get your refund. Keep all the original packaging and accessories. Take the receipt as well as the packing slip.


Returning Via Mail:

If you want to return the item online using Best Buy’s mail process, you must pack it in its original shipping package. Put the packing slip and return label. Indicate what’s the reason behind the return. Make sure all the original accessories and packaging are added. Once you are done, please send it to Best Buy Returns Center, which is located in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.


Use UPS or the insured USPS for returns to Best Buy. It will give you proof of delivery.


Returning Major Appliances:

If you have purchased a major appliance like a TV for your home and want to get it returned, then you can ask customer support, ‘is there any Best Buy Return Policy for TV’ and their answer will be yes. You can get it returned if something is wrong with it, and it will come under Best Buy’s policy.


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Final_Thoughts:">Final Thoughts:

To sum this up, you are pretty much aware of the return policy of Best Buy. Now you know how many days you will have to get your item returned or exchanged. It depends on you now. Also, you can get your favorite items from Best Buy if you want to buy them. Don’t worry about the thing if it is faulty or anything, and get it returned with a full refund.