Bagging A Bag: A Look Into The World Of Man-Bags

Updated: February 07, 2024
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Bagging A Bag: A Look Into The World Of Man-Bags


As the years go on and fundamentally everything necessary keeps evolving, so does fashion and its uses. It feels like a distant past when certain accessories, such as bags and handbags, were exclusively for women; nowadays, one can see how much demand and necessity bags have upon us, regardless of gender. Thousands of years ago, men first used bags or pouches to carry their gold coins, tools, collectibles, or even to store food for their journey, and as time progressed, bags remained a constant functional item in men’s everyday lives.


Types Of Fashionable Bags For Men:


The fashion industry is a booming competitive business, with each company trying to introduce new ideas to revolutionize it. That revolution came in men’s bags; top designers such as Louis Vuitton, Mismo, and Fendi acknowledged the long bare gap. Each produces a bag attuned to each individual's preferences and needs.




The usual thought that comes to mind when associating a briefcase is the suit. It is a stereotypical look where a business person in his dapper three-piece suit and a brown leather briefcase in hand will make an unexpected entrance into the meeting room and deliver a mic drop kind of moment. Tweaking a bit of its style, it now serves to carry documents, gadgets, and other materials.  


The Cambridge Satchel Co. is a blend of minimalistic and old-school details.



Belt Bags(Fanny Packs)


Fanny Packs are the cool kids on the block, but for bags, Their ability to provide user-free hand functionality makes them a top seller in most stores. Its trendy, chic look has been adopted for outdoor use, where one might carry wallets, keys, mobile phones, and sunglasses for outdoor activities. Ever since the end of the pandemic and festivals rejuvenating around the world, concert-goers and celebrities have been seen wearing Fanny packs for their small, convenient uses.



Trend-setter icon, A$AP Rocky, sporting a Balenciaga Fanny pack


Best Pick

Unisex Mini Belt Bag with Adjustable Strap, Crossbody Fanny Pack for Traveling

Unisex Mini Belt Bag with Adjustable Strap, Crossbody Fanny Pack for Traveling For $9.59

Simple fashionable design allows for different wearing styles. They can be worn as unisex chest bags or waist bags, and are perfect for everyday use.



Duffle Bags:


Usually used as an object to carry your things in quantity for long journeys or distances, Duffle bags have always remained a reliable transporter, most notably for traveling, where due to their ample space, clothing accessories, and more necessary items regardless of size can easily be stored in them. Duffle Bags are mostly preferred to suitcases because of their size and flexibility, fitting into tight spaces, and being a Carry-on, a person might avoid paying extra where they might for a suitcase.  Camping tools and other requirements can fit inside it, and so can military possessions, which can most commonly be seen in the gym and used by every male and female to carry their goods. 



Canvas and Polyester are claimed to be the most popular materials when making a Duffle Bag.

Best Pick

Protégé 28" Rolling Collapsible Duffel Bag, Navy Blue

Protégé 28" Rolling Collapsible Duffel Bag, Navy Blue For $20.98

The Protégé 28in Rolling Collapsible Duffel Bag is the perfect companion to bring on your next trip. Whether a college student returning to school, a family camping trip, or a weekend vacation, it is a highly versatile bag for diverse trips.





Almost everyone in this world has, for some time, worn a backpack. It is rooted in most kids' minds that taking your school backpack with you is as important as anything else. Backpacks have always been durable enough to carry huge amounts of weight, and as demand increased, more customized backpacks were made to suit each individual. Moving on to a bigger age group, backpacks have also been essential to their daily life; I carry a backpack to work almost daily, storing most of my daily needs, such as books, laptops, and clothing. Even video games empathize with the multiple purposes of backpacks and bring them to mainstream media.



Bethesda Games Studios' highly acclaimed game “ Fallout 76.”


Best Pick

Outdoor Products Venture 17 L Backpack

Outdoor Products Venture 17 L Backpack, Green, Brown, Adult, Teen, Polyester For

The Outdoor Products Venture daypack is a versatile backpack that can be used in school, work, or on the backpacking trail. The front pocket organizer keeps your pens, pencils, and other accessories neatly sorted. The soft-lined pocket protects the glasses and electronic devices that you may be carrying.



Crossbody Bag:


It is like the older, much bigger sibling of the Belt bags, also called a “Shoulder Bag.” They are usually a good investment because of how many purposes they fulfill, how easy they are to carry, and how versatile, fashionable, and quite affordable they are. Crossbody bags have a strap that goes through the chest and evenly divides the weight so that one side would not be a burden and make it uncomfortable for the user. Such bags are advertised by many sports teams and athletes due to their free-flowing and accessible nature. 




2X F1 World Champion Max Verstappen, sporting a Shoulder Bag for a photoshoot


Best Pick

Crossbody Bag for Men Black Sling Bag Anti Theft Waterproof

Crossbody Bag for Men Black Sling Bag Anti Theft Waterproof Shoulder Backpack for Outdoor Hiking For $18.99

Waterproof, Crossbody bag for men, Shoulder bag for men, Men Crossbody bag, men Shoulder bag, Mens Sling Backpack. The crossbody bag for men is durable and scratch-resistant. The crossbody bag has a breathable padded shoulder strap and back, which is very comfortable to carry.



Messenger Bags:


Also known as a “Courier Bag,” one would see it being used to deliver packages. It comes in various sizes to fulfill its primary objective, which means it's also considered made of strong material. Messenger Bags also have multiple internal pockets that aim to fill with items without worrying about a shortage of storage space from an investment side; getting a Messenger Bag reduces the need for additional bags, which might later be disposable. Big brands such as “Fossils” and “Mark and Graham” have advanced their workhorse duty to cater to the fashion world.  



The Mark and Graham Leather Messenger Bag costs around $270


Best Pick

Black Messenger Bag for Men with Patch Men Satchel Waterproof Shoulder

Black Messenger Bag for Men with Patch Men Satchel Waterproof Shoulder Sling Bag For $21.99

Sling backpack zipper closure large main compartment is spacious enough to store your daily necessities such as wallet, iPad, or other personal items. The EDC bag has 2 exterior pockets, 1 zipper closure pocket on the flap front, and the zipper closure pocket on the back of the bag; all can be used to store anything within hand.



Chest Rig Bag:


They are commonly used by military soldiers, constructed of nylon, and are suitable in battle because they store tactical equipment such as small weapons, ammo, and knives. Having that bag makes a person more mobile, whereas, in another situation, using one's hands would not be as accessible. For an everyday man, the Chest Rig grants absolute movement for a person and their outdoor activities, including hiking, climbing, and a more relaxing evening of dog walking.


Chest Rags are used in a battle's tense atmosphere or just a calm walk in the park. 


Best Pick

Streetwear Men Chest Rig Bag Tactics Outdoor Vest Chest Bag for Travel

Streetwear Men Chest Rig Bag Tactics Outdoor Vest Chest Bag for Travel (Black) For $18.20

It is a practical sports bag, which can hold more items than the waist bag and is easier to carry than the armband. This fashionable vest and strap bag is light in weight and convenient to carry. It is a perfect gift for friends who like outdoor activities, exploration, and survival.


Capacity: This zipper pocket is large enough to accommodate all necessary items during exercise, including mobile phones, spare power packs, wallets, cards, passports, gloves, keys, flashlights, pens, notebooks, flashlights, sunglasses, headphones, etc.



Camera Bags:


It just says in the name: a Camera Bag is exclusively used to protect the delicate part of the camera. Its extra layer of padding ensures that the lenses are not damaged and can place other accessories such as Tripods, batteries, and filters. It is a godsend for most photographers or videographers as most of their equipment can be easily stored and moved around without worrying about safety.



Best Pick

Camera Backpack for Lens Accessory, Waterproof Large Photography Bag with Top Handle Compatible

Camera Backpack for Lens Accessory, Waterproof Large Photography Bag with Top Handle Compatible with Sony Canon Nikon, SLR/DSLR Camera, for Men Women Photographer, Black For $21.98

The photography bag also features a comfortable soft feel and a shoulder strap with a soft belt can make you feel comfortable even on the longest journey. Compatible with Sony, Canon, Nikon, and other brands, this camera bag is an essential camera carrying case for any photographer while on the go.





The usage of a satchel dates back to ancient times, when scholars and travelers carried important documents; as time passed, it was adopted to enhance a person's attire or clothing. Satchels are small, easy-to-wear shoulder strap bags. It also serves as a fashion choice, including it on a more casual look; it is also an expressive alternative to the heavier briefcase in a more office setting. 



Satchels have risen in popularity due to being prominently featured in acclaimed games. 


Best Pick

Everpert Genuine Leather Men Shoulder Bag Casual

Everpert Genuine Leather Men Shoulder Bag Casual Messenger Zip Phone Pouch (Black) For $10.47

Fashion PU Leather Waist Shoulder Bag Casual Men Multi-zipper Messenger Pack Solid Color Waterproof Fanny Chest Belt Purse Zipper Money Pocket with Headphone Hole



Energy Backpack


The S.E.E.D. program, which encourages BIPOC female designers, collaborated with the creators of this stylish Adidas bag. With numerous pockets and a laptop sleeve, you can wear it anywhere—from the coffee shop to the gym. 


These were a few examples of what and how bags have come a long way in establishing themselves in Men’s clothing. The industry keeps finding new ways to resurrect the highly barren men’s bag markets and will usher in an era where most men would and could normalize their daily use. 


Best Pick

Adidas Excel 6 Backpack, Stone Wash Semi Flash Aqua-Stone/Onix Grey

Adidas Excel 6 Backpack, Stone Wash Semi Flash Aqua-Stone/Onix Grey, One Size For $64.99

This product is made with recycled content as part of our ambition to End Plastic Waste,Lifetime - built to last,LoadSpring shoulder straps help ease the weight,Wipe-able material for easy spot cleaning with soap and water,Multiple zippered pockets give you plenty of storage space,