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ShopRite Weekly Ad, Flyer & Circular

ShopRite Weekly Ad FAQs

Q1) How do I get ShopRite coupons?

Ans) To download digital coupons to a Price Plus® Club card on shoprite.com or via your mobile device, you'll need to first set up an account on shoprite.com. You can also load digital coupons to your Price Plus® Club card via an in-store kiosk.

Q2) Does ShopRite allows coupon stacking?

Ans) No, ShopRite does not allow coupon stacking.

Q3) Does ShopRite take printed coupons?

Ans) Yes, ShopRite accepts printed coupons.

Q4) Can you use coupons on ShopRite from home?

Ans) The coupons you use in the store work equally well when you use ShopRite from Home!


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