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Wadav 100 Off Coupon Code
below, to unlock the wheel


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How to win in 3 simple steps


First of all, google “wadav 100 off coupon code”. You’ll find many pages listing the code. Open anyone you like and copy the code from there.


Now, get back to this page and enter the code in the ‘code’ field then click ‘Submit and unlock’ button to unlock the wheel. Upon entering the correct code, the wheel will be unlocked.


Then, click the ‘Click to spin’ button to try your luck. If you win, enter your details to claim the prize.


Q: What is the "Wadav 100 off coupon code"?

A: Wadav's "Wadav 100 off coupon code" campaign provides its users a chance to win stuff you love
for absoutely free!

Q: How can I participate and what makes me eligible?

A: All you do is to log in and must be 18 years or older.

Q: What will I win if I play?

A: Go to your Facebook account to log in and become a part of Wadav community.
This automatically enters you to win prizes worth upto $25, all from popular name brand businesses such as Macy's,
Walmart, Amazon and many more.

Q: Is there a restriction on how often I can play?

A: Spin to Win" is available to play once a week.

Q: Where are the rewards located?

A: Look in your personal profile to find all the prizes you've won.

Q: How are the prizes obtained?

A: Any prize you won, will be shipped to you, directly on the address you provided.

Q: Who should I contact if I run into problems?

A: You can always contact us directly by sending us an email at:


1. When you enter the Spin to Win campaign, please note, that you've agreed legally to abide by all terms and conditions and to our decisions as the Organizer (Wadav.com) without any qualification or limitation. You also agree the Organizer's decisions are conclusive and final.

2. Wadav.com retains the exclusive and complete legal right to amend or stop the Spin to Win campaign at any stage, without providing any previous notification or payment in cash or in-kind funds.

3. Wadav retains the exclusive and complete right to quit, modify and/or change any portion of the full terms and conditions regarding the Spin to Win campaign at any stage without providing any prior notification to all players.

4. Wadav’s decision in all matters for these relations shall be deemed final and irrefutable. All requests to appeal or review will not be allowed.

5. Wadav is not held accountable nor is responsible for all claims dealing with loss, any damage to one’s property, personal injury or loss of life that could or may result from engaging in the current competition.