Would You Like Some Squishmallow Slippers? It's Time To Turn Up The Heat And Put On The Marshmallow Clouds.

Updated: September 07, 2023
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Would You Like Some Squishmallow Slippers? It's Time To Turn Up The Heat And Put On The Marshmallow Clouds.


Squishmallow slippers, which come in various beautiful characters, would make an excellent present for any Squishmallow enthusiast! 


The Squishmallow slippers have popular character patterns, including Squishmallows' trademark frogs, koala bears, bees, sloths, hedgehogs, lions, cats, and more that you can insert your feet in and wear while walking around. Even the designs are holiday-related, with a penguin and a Christmas tree sporting Santa hats.


These incredibly soft Squishmallow slippers from KellyToy have a texture similar to that of marshmallows, making them the newest Squishmallows in town. On those chilly days, your feet will feel warm thanks to these ultrasoft slippers. Include these in your shoe collection because they are a wonderful gift!


Wrapping your feet in Squishmallows is the coziest thing you can think of. Squishmallows Slippers, available at Walgreens and other retailers, allows fans of the squishy plush characters from Jazwares to intensify their passion.


The Squishmallow slippers come in various youth sizes that some adults can wear. Fans of Squishmallows can find several Squishmallow slipper designs at Target, Walgreens, and other specialized stores.


Sadly, a lot of footwear resembles Squishy Marshmallows. Nevertheless, they won't have the original tags bearing Kelly Toys and the squad's names. So, among the many options offered at these shops, keep an eye out for the distinctive-looking Kelly Toys Squishmallow slippers:


  • For kids, Amazon offers a few possibilities.


  • Squishmallow slippers for women and children are available at Showcase.


  • Walgreens also offers beautiful Squishmallow slippers.


  • Also available at Walmart are genuine Squishmallow slippers.


Please refrain from purchasing Squishmallow slippers that display other brands in the interim. Kelly Toys is the owner and producer of genuine Squishmallows. Additionally, before purchasing from reputable merchants, you can ask to see a picture of the Kelly Toys tag.


Kids' Squishmallow Slippers


  1. Squishmallows Penguin Slipper Is Available At Walmart For $23.40, Which Was Previously $29.99


  1. Squishmallow Kellytoy Kids Slippers Plush Is Available At Amazon  For $20, Which Was Previously $25


  1. Squishmallows Kids' Fox Slippers is Available At Target  For $24.99


Squishmallow Slippers For Adults 


  1. Women Slippers Fashion Home Slippers Tiger Dinosaur Cute Cartoon Warm Home Cute Cute Plush Toy Slippers Are Available At Walmart For $21.41 


These Squishmallow Slippers for women are also available in different colors and sizes and marked at different prices at Walmat.com.


  1. Squishmallows Tracey The Zebra Slippers Are Available At Walmart For $19.99, Which Was Previously $29.99 


  1. Millffy Womens Bunny Slippers Are Available At Amazon For $29.98