20 Best Gift Ideas For Children For Trekking And Extreme Sports

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By Evan Cooper
Last updated: May 03, 2018

The season of trekking is in full swing, and you are probably racking your brains, what would be so useful and, of course, fascinating to please the children. If you read this text, then you have no doubts about the benefits of hiking - both gay and extremely serious - you do not have a drop. But what to give, what will be both in joy and in favor? We will help you decide. We are experts :)

Girls constantly tell me that I'm already an adult and that I understand well what the children want. So, here is my first authoritative advice: remember, this should be gifts, not just necessary, but trivial things. Do not be tempted by the parent's desire to buy things like underwear or thermal underwear. To receive a gift of clothes is darkness and horror exactly until you are 30 years old.

In addition to a list of excellent ideas, I also gave specific examples of things that, in my opinion, like children. I also rummaged through the mountains of slag and found real diamonds there - but you do not have to buy exactly what I'm offering. Children can be of inappropriate age (I did not want to make an endless universal list of 132 items) or just do not appreciate these cool things. And these things are really cool.

1. Flashlight:

One of the best items for a child (and for anyone) is a flashlight. They are damn useful and can actually increase the level of security because walking in the dark, you can not only get lost, you can still get hurt. The flashlight is absolutely necessary for the campaign, but also useful in everyday use. However, the big problem is sitting batteries. Which lights will be the best?

The obvious choice here is Fenix LD11. I had at least a million such lanterns - and there will be more than one. They are super-sturdy, mega-bright and hyper-cool in appearance. Its brightness can be increased by using lithium batteries. Yes, I almost forgot: it costs less than 3000 rubles. They also work from one AA battery, which is sold everywhere and which can be stocked. Personally, I use batteries for all my devices and charge them with a solar battery. The lantern is actually the best universal gift for almost anyone in the world.

And one more piece of advice from personal experience - before you give the child a lantern, tie a bright orange paracord wood cloth to it. Use the lamp and look for it will be much easier.

Another option that the children will enjoy very much and will be extremely useful to them is the headlamp. I always take such a flashlight on airsoft games or just camping. It's much more convenient than slobbering a regular flashlight, trying to do something. One of the best lanterns here is Fenix HL23. It also works on a common AA type power supply, has a full metal casing and is waterproof.

2. Fishing Rod:

In order not to disappear in extreme conditions, it makes sense to teach children to use dental floss and the simplest fishing hook, but this can be too long process children. Get them real bait and teach them to use, and only then concentrate on how to do something from nothing.

I would give them a small, high-quality fishing rod, not a lurid Hello Kitty thing (I'm ready to take it back if you personally have Extreme Hello Kitty gear!). Toy fishing rods are too easy to break. But if your child is too young to fish for real, then, of course, buy him a toy (for example, Big catch), and let it sit next to you while you drown the worms. Otherwise, buy him a real fishing rod.

One of the best in this category is called Fish2Go. It is very small, foldable, but perhaps even you yourself want this. This is really a good fishing rod for everyone, not just for children. 

3. Slingshot:

Yes, yes, I can already hear your indignant voices. And nevertheless, the slingshot is one of those gifts that will be remembered for life and with which you can play HOURS. Personally, in my bag is a slingshot. The coolest thing about it is that the balls are stored in the handle, so you will not lose your ammunition.

I deliberately chose this slingshot, because it is qualitative, cheap, and light and can shoot small stones when the "ammunition" is over. 

4. Binoculars:

Children's binoculars are a controversial option for an extreme hike because a really useful binocular should be really quality. But how do children love to use this thing in the forest! If you take them to play treasure hunting or something like that, they will play for hours.

If you put them on bird watching - and do not write at all. Here I have no specific proposals because everything depends on your budget and wishes for the usefulness of the device. Just read the reviews of binoculars.

5. Notepad and pen:

These children are not particularly enthralled but will be useful. Situational awareness is a useful skill of the "survivor". You can play, recording the sighted species of plants, birds, draw a map of the campsite, yes anything. Notepad can also contain important information such as your contact information, coordinates of your camp, etc. In an emergency, this can help, even if the child does not understand the records without help.


6. The fire:

One of those things that children love very much - especially if you teach them to build a fire with it. It somehow responds in a special way to children when you carve sparks. It's just, damn, fascinating.

7. Compass:

Compass is another important item of camping gear that children like. Just do not rush to buy tiny cheap compasses. They suck. If you do not believe, just put them in a row and see where they will show.

There are good quality compasses on sale, but you do not have to ruin an advanced tactical compass with a magnifying lens, unless your child is an inveterate militarist like my son, or if he really wants to learn to navigate the terrain. Compass much cheaper, but nothing worse. True, it is more difficult to determine the azimuth, so it all depends on how much survival skills in the wild you want to instill in your child. 

8. Whistle:

The whistle is absolutely necessary for extreme conditions. If your nerves are strong and you do not clink of whistling in the house, then buy it. I use this one: Fenix NW20. It's beautiful because it's easy to whistle, it's on a cord (and it's comfortable to wear around your neck) - and it's just deafeningly loud.


9. Lantern on a clothes clip/fastener:

Kids really love flashlights, but this one will like you with great chances. When you are sitting at night by the fire, it's easy to look at the ancient magic of burning fire and lose your night vision. This means that as soon as the playing children go outside the lighting from the fire, you will lose them from the view.

By fastening something luminous to them, you will see them - as well as the starry sky, because powerful searchlights and lights will not be needed for lighting. Very convenient lanterns type Fenix CL05 or Fenix HL05: they are compact, they work dozens of hours in a row, and they can easily be fastened to important things such as backpacks or the entrance to the tent.


10. Camping lamp:

Hand lanterns are indispensable for walking, but in a tent, a hanging camping lamp is much more convenient. The problem is that most "long-playing" players are bulky and heavy due to large batteries. A successful model here is the all-season Fenix CL20. 6 modes of light, powered by AA batteries (or lithium CR123A), built-in magnet, small size ... perfect, in short, a luminary.


11. Watch:

The clock not only shows the time and, I want to believe, do not get out of the schedule. In addition to the fact that the presence on the arm of the watch is able to discipline the child, they are also an extremely useful device in extreme conditions. Something like Timex Expedition- an inexpensive and high-quality option with a dial light at night and the ability to determine the north during the day.

12. Radio:

Children love walkie-talkie. In addition, walkie-talkies will be useful when you need to be in touch if your camp is far from the restroom (as, indeed, should be) or if you are standing with a family or friends with several tents and even separate camps. Spending a lot of money on this is not necessary.

If your children are no longer kids, just buy a couple of radio stations Baofeng UV-5R. With them, it may not be easy to understand, so that children may need your help. Plus, they can be used not only for radio communication with family members but also for catching amateur radio frequencies and even tune in to the frequency of stations transmitting current weather forecasts. If you want something simpler, even if not as functional, take a set of FRS / GMRS radios - for example, Motorola TLKR-T50. Coffee, he will not brew you, but you will be able to talk for sure.

13. Backpack:

Obviously, you already know that children love backpacks. And the choice of a backpack entirely depends on the tastes of your particular child and his physical data. Read themed articles on the ergonomics of the backpack and the method of selection. It is important to choose the right backpack for the figure and endurance, as well as correctly load it, so as not to spoil the child's back. Do not skimp on a backpack if you have to walk with it for a long time.

14. Tent:

If your children do not have their own tent, this is an omission. It's not only convenient for hikes, starting at a certain age. A tent can be put in the yard of your house or even in the next room and sleep there or arrange stunning games. The main thing is that the tent should be stable, otherwise you are tortured every time to raise it from the ruins.

I gave my son a tent Salewa Micra 212x120cm; it is placed in it whole together with toys and things. It's just put, but it's relatively expensive. There are similar tents from the Canadian Camper or Indiana more affordable at prices, and comparable in quality. With such a gift you will not lose. The tent is a real fortress.

15. Knife:

A knife is such a golden dream of children and then a nightmarish scarecrow for their mothers. Nevertheless, he is one of the most useful things in the hike.

In my childhood, the traditional dream of all the boys was the Victorinox Swiss folding knife.

But modern children know that a knife can be steeper than a multi-stem - the same knife, but also with screwdrivers, pliers, opener, pliers, etc., etc., etc. Here, for example, are several basic multi-tools that definitely like a child: Leatherman Freestyle, Leatherman Kick or the popular Leatherman Skele-tool.

16. Paracord Bracelet:

One more elementary gift. There are many varieties of the bracelet, but not all of them will do. Choose one that is adjustable in length with a buckle.

If you have at least a hand from the right place, then you can make a bracelet from the paracord yourself. For example, this:

17. The spoon-fork:

In fact, I do not like spoon-forks, but children are delighted with them. And if so, then such a gift will be happy. I must say, I do not like those options that have a fork and a spoon on one side.

Fortunately, there are options with a fork and a spoon from different sides. I would recommend Fire-Maple FMT-T23 because it is practically non-destructible, but the manufacturer also makes high-quality products from stainless steel.

18. A personal set of dishes:

Children love to eat from their own dishes. Personally, I have a couple of Fossils bowls: they do not weigh anything and do not take up the volume of the backpack. But they are difficult to find in our stores.

Therefore, as a gift to the child, I would propose a Solaris kit with the strange name "Shift method" or Track "Bend" because they have everything you need at once.

19. Handwarmer:

The last thing you want is for children to freeze their fingers or shiver from the cold at night. A hand warmer is a great way out for cold weather, and you do not need one that works for fuel. In the market, there are thermoActive hot water bottles that start working immediately after opening the package and keep the heat for 5-10 hours. At us, they have a name Self-heating and exist not only in a manual variant but also as insoles for footwear.

20. Books about hikes:

Of course, you want the children not to miss the trip. And, of course, it would be great if they were engaged in something quiet and did not prevent you from resting. And since you are not only an adult but also a responsible person, you could help them to know the world - and the book can be the best solution.

Which book to take depends on the child, his age and what you would like to teach him?



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