All Set To Use Sally Beauty Hair Products

Updated: September 09, 2023
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All Set To Use Sally Beauty Hair Products


Do you know Sally Beauty? It focuses on supplies and goods for the beauty industry. Let's explore more about it together.


Sally Beauty Hair Color 


Various hair color products are available from Sally Beauty for professional and home use. Permanent hair color, semi-permanent hair color, temporary hair color, and color-enhancing treatments are among the brands and product lines they carry.


Their product line has various colors and formulations for hair types and preferences. Ion, Wella Color Charm, L'Oréal Excellence, Clairol Professional, and Arctic Fox are a few of the well-known hair color brands offered at Sally Beauty, among others. 


Sally Beauty Hair Dye Accessories


Sally Beauty provides a variety of hair dye accessories to help you get the hair color results you want. You might discover the following accessories for hair dye at Sally Beauty:


  • Mixing Bowls are made specifically for combining colorants, such as hair dye. In most cases, they have measurement indications for exact mixing.


  • Brushes for applying hair color or bleach evenly to your hair are known as "hair color applicator brushes." They are available in various sizes and bristle kinds to accommodate various application methods.


  • A hair color developer, a peroxide-based solution activates and develops the hair color. The level of lift and color intensity you seek will determine the developer strength you use.


  • Whisks or brushes for mixing hair color are used to thoroughly blend hair color and developer, resulting in a smooth and consistent mixture.


  • Color Removers and Correctors: If you need to make changes or repair any errors, Sally Beauty also provides products designed to remove or correct hair color.


Sally Beauty Permanent Hair Color 


Sally Beauty offers a variety of permanent hair color options from different brands and manufacturers. Some of them are:


  • Ion Color Brilliance: Ion offers a selection of permanent hair color options, ranging from neutral tones to eye-catching fashion hues.


  • Wella Color Charm: It is a popular brand of permanent hair color that offers a variety of hues and formulations.


  • Clairol Professional: Clairol Professional offers alternatives for permanent hair coloring that are well-liked by salon customers and average consumers.




Sally Beauty Headquarters 


The governing body of Sally Beauty, Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc., has its headquarters in Denton, Texas, in the United States. The corporate headquarters' full address is:


United States Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. 3001 Colorado Boulevard Denton, Texas 76210


Sally Beauty Customer Service 


The customer service number of Sally Beauty is 1 (866)-234-9442. 


Sally Beauty ShutDown


Sally Beauty Holdings announced in November last year that it would close 350 stores, a move anticipated to result in a $50 million cost reduction for the company's fiscal year 2023 at the financial burden of decreased revenue.


Sally Beauty Rewards


The Sally Beauty Rewards program is a rewards scheme provided by Sally Beauty. Customers can earn points through this program for their purchases and redeem them for rewards and discounts. The Sally Beauty Rewards program may include the following standard features:


  • Members can accrue points for qualifying purchases made in person or online: the overall amount spent and the number of points usually gained match.


  • Rewards: Accumulated points can be exchanged for benefits, including special member-only deals and discounts on future purchases.


  • Birthday presents: As part of the program, members may get exclusive deals or discounts throughout their birthday month.


  • Exclusive Offers: Members may be able to take advantage of exclusive deals, sales, or early access to brand-new products.


Sally Beauty Credit Card 


The Sally Beauty Rewards Credit Card is a store credit card provided by Sally Beauty. This credit card offers a few advantages and features and is made especially for Sally Beauty clients.


Sally Beauty Near Me


More than 2,000 Sally Beauty establishments exist in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.