Reformation’s Returns And Exchanges Policy

Updated: December 02, 2022
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Reformation’s Returns And Exchanges Policy


Many of us might be very excited to see what turn our lives will take as 2023 is just around the corner. Everybody just can’t wait for the new year; some might have already completed the new year’s resolution list. Most people will do something new, while some will start a new life. Many of us will leave a year behind, continue with the new year and wait for blessings. However, with the new year, there will be a new trend in clothing or something related to that. For that, we need to fill our closets with new clothes to keep up with the trends, and Reformation will be our only friend for that purpose. Keep going with this article, and we will tell you about Reformation and returns and exchanges policy.



Reformation is an incredible brand that started off as a small brand that used to sell vintage clothing. It was situated in a small storefront in LA back in 2009. Since then, they have expanded their business by making their own stuff for their customers. Their main focus is on sustainability. In today’s world, they are going the extra mile to bring out amazing silhouettes which celebrate and compliment the feminine figure. They are pioneers in the sustainability department every other day, and they see progress in their business. 


Their mission is to bring maximum sustainability in fashion for every individual out there. This brand is a Climate Neutral company that is certified, and by the year 2025, it will turn into a Climate Positive company. They have an outstanding return policy for their customers.


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Reformation Return Policy:

Reformation is an amazing brand when it comes to taking returns from its customers. The brand has an ideal return policy that many of its customers love it. 


If you are based in the US, and you have ordered something from them, you can return the item to them. But here’s the catch, the item must be in new condition as well as with its original tags attached to it. If these conditions are met, you will be able to get a full refund. There will be no return fee for the orders in the US. You can return the online purchases that you to any physical store. Reformation’s return policy is that simple!


Whenever you receive your order, the countdown starts from that day. You have a timeframe of 30 days, and if you want to send the item back, make sure that you are doing it these days. Once you are done with this, your refund will be credited in the form of payment that you made while purchasing the item. 


What you need to note down is that all apothecaries, underwear, pierced jewelry, climate credits, and items with ‘Final Sale’ marked on them are not returnable as well as there will be no refund for these items. Also, there are no returns if the shoe box is damaged or it was used as the shipping box. 

Customers have to keep in their mind that Reformation is always monitoring returns that are identified as potentially misused or abused. Reformation has reserved the right for refusing the returns and refunds of any product. 


For in-store purchases, the brand accepts the stuff brought to them in its new condition with tags attached to it. If everything is there, you will receive a full refund for it. However, you have a timeframe of 30 days, and make sure that you take your item in these days. The refund and return procedure is pretty much the same as the online store refund and returns policy.


You can get more guidance and assistance if you visit the Returns and Exchanges page on Reformation’s official website. This will help you out with everything. Also, you will learn more about Reformation’s returns policy there.


Reformation’s Exchange Policy:

If you want your item to be exchanged, make sure that you are following these steps:


  • Click on ‘Returns and Exchanges’ page and put your details with the order number in it. 

  • Select the ‘Exchange’

  • Choose the size and color and click on Next Step.

  • Confirm this procedure and click on Process Return. 

  • Print the Reformation return label and drop off the product that you are returning before the last stated date.


This might come in handy for those people who want to exchange their item even though the item was in pristine condition, but their size might be small or large. The color might not look like what they wanted. There can be any reason for it, and still, they will be able to get the stuff exchanged from the company. Also, they just have to act according to the Reformation’s return policy, and they are good to go.


Final Thoughts:

To sum this up, now you know much more about the Reformation’s return policy. Still, if you have a question in your mind and you think about how to return to Reformation, then check out their policy on their official website. Follow the steps that are mentioned, and you will get a refund.