Chic & Affordable: Shop Reformation Dresses: Juliette, Nikita, Brandi, and More!

Updated: October 02, 2023
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Chic & Affordable: Shop Reformation Dresses: Juliette, Nikita, Brandi, and More!


Something about the Reformation dresses you all must know about is they come in various beautiful clothes and styles. Anyone would fall in love immediately.  Reformation Dresses have always been on my top buy-to-list, and luckily, I have always been satisfied with the brand attire. 


I recently found a bunch of pretty clothes from the Reformation dress collection and couldn’t resist bringing you the MUST-HAVE clothes from Reformation — I am planning to get some, too. The dresses are cute yet simple for any party or special occasion.  


Stay tuned for the post and details on what you may find iconic while shopping at the Reformation store or Reformation Online. 


Here are some amazingly gorgeous Reformation clothes that kept my attention and are perfect for the budget. Here are the dresses beneath that are pretty creative;


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Reformation Juliette Dress



The Juliette Dress from Reformation in blue base and white polka dots looks grandiloquent. It consists of a slim-fit bodice, an easygoing skirt with a side cut from one leg’s side, thin tying straps, and a miniskirt-length dress. 


Price: $248


Reformation Nikita Dress



The Nikita Lower, leg alert dress, is held in the blouse and midriff with a casual-fitting skirt. It is the prettiest midi-length dress and has an unsettle-edged inlet area and customizable belt ties. A trumpet kilt provides a proper offset between ease and figure.


Price: $248


Reformation Brandi Dress


Look at the definitions of this beautiful white dress, a petite dress with long, puffy sleeves. The classic Reformation white dress also features a faux high-neck and folded labelings at the trunk.


Price: $218


Reformation Kourtney Dresses



The Kourtney is a midi-length dress with a fitted blouse and concentrated back smocking. Anybody Wearing the dress will have a thin-fitting wrap kilt with a high cut showing the leg off. Too, The laces are movable, so you can accommodate them as you would prefer.


Price: $278


Reformation Hollyhock Dress



Hollyhock is a perfect white attire from the Reformation wedding dress collection with a slim fitted waist and a creased-around slipover. The straps are unadjustable and still provide comfort and ease overall. 


Price: $398


Reformation Dari Knit Dress



The Dari Knit Reformation green dress is an overall maxi dress with a comfortable fabric and features a long, slim-sleeved, dope neckline. 


Price: $148


Reformation Sigmund Dress



Reformations’ Leg-showing Petites Sigmund Dress in a white base and blue floral print is the loveliest dress you could have. The midi dress comprises a slim fit from the waist, a box-shaped neckline, and full sleeves that fit absolutely. 


Price: $248


Reformation Breslin Dress



The Breslin Reformation black dress is a shape-fitting midi-dress providing a slight shape of falls in particular areas that make the figure more prominent, especially if it’s slim. The back is detailed with the knot, and the rest is open to give a more steamy vibration. 


Price: $198


Reformation Gavin Dress




The Gavin Dress from Reformation is neither mini nor maxi; it's a midi-length dress. The dress is in a blue-fitting bodice and a loose skirt emphasizing the cap sleeves, high side cut, and back slit out. 


Price: $218


Reformation Twilight Dress



This Twilight dress from Reformations features tie sashes, a covered-back blouse to nourish a tiny space, and a side cut to give you some leg showoff. This fitted blouse and a lax-fit skirt will make you look flowery, giving you form and solace overall.


Price: $278.00


Reformation Butterfly Dress



The Butterfly Dress is a date alert featuring ideal fittings of the blouse, a loose skirt, and a frill hem. The sleeves of the Reformation Butterfly light yellow dress are elastic frilled off-shoulder. 


Price: $298


Reformation Christine Dress



This Cinnamon-colored Christine Dress Es is too good for self-confident and cute ladies. The dress is available in different sizes, featuring a frill at the bottom line and alterable tie straps with a cloak neckline. 


Price: $218


Reformation Nya Velvet Dress



The gorgeous Reformation red dress in an overall velvet cloth is the best fit for occasions in the chilly winter season. The red velvet dress from Reformation features a covered neckline, adjustable lace belts, and a slash from the side on one leg to get exposed.


Price: $398


Piece Of Advice To Save Money On Reformation


All these above dresses are amazing Reformation picks, thus, easy on the pocket. Still, if the dresses seem expensive to your budget, you can search for the best Reformation dress dupes online. Another option is to find out the best ways, tips, and tricks to purchasing Reformation dresses. 


However, the holiday sales season always satisfies the customers to get the perfect original clothing at the least cost. Applying coupons and discount codes on orders is a way to stay within the budget.