Unlocking the Role: A Comprehensive Review of Northwest Registered Agent for LLC Formation and Services

Updated: September 20, 2023
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Unlocking the Role: A Comprehensive Review of Northwest Registered Agent for LLC Formation and Services


When people think of starting businesses and companies, the first thing that comes to mind is needing a registered agent. Well, most states have registered agents, and you can find them in their offices. Their job is to give business owners the ability to protect their privacy while using their business addresses on their public documents. 


The business owners have to do the paperwork and are ready. However, if you own a business, you must register your business or company right now. Also, you can contact a Northwest Registered Agent to get your company registered.


Registered Agent:


At first, when reading the title of Registered Agent, you must be wondering, what is a registered agent? Well, a registered agent is that person or a company who will be accepting service of processes that include lawsuits on behalf of the business. In the US, every state and US jurisdiction has its registered agent requirements for companies in every other state's statutes.


Most laws from different states have different requirements for businesses like LLCs, corporations, nonprofits, and registered partnerships to get them onboard and maintain a registered agent. If you are an LLC in Georgia, you will have different requirements for the companies.


The requirements include the following:


  • Physical address in the state is just where they are appointed. 


  • Availability at the address during business hours.


  • Accepting the service of process for the business or company you are working


How A Registered Agent Has to Be:


Registered agents have to value the investment that a business has made. You have to give your service in privacy, software, and forms with experts and filers. You can hire registered agents for your businesses and companies if you are based in one state or all over the US. However, a registered agent will be providing some amazing services. It includes:


  • Privacy


  • Corporate Guidance


  • Customized and back-end software


  • Maintenance tools for business


  • Accessibility to every state form. Pre-filled settings for quick and simple filing


  • Secure online account for receiving documents.


Why Should You Get In Touch With a Northwest Registered Agent To Form Your LLC?


If you are curious why hiring a Northwest Registered Agent will be ideal, just know it is the 2nd largest Registered Agent business. They will offer LLC formation services with Registered Agent services for every state. If your business is based in Miami, you can get an LLC in Florida from us.


We will tell you about the core services that Northwest Registered Agent provides:


  • LLC formation services


  • Registered Agent service


  • Address privacy 


  • Lifetime customer support


  • Reminders for Annual Report


  • Dashboard full of online documents


  • EINs


  • Annual reports


  • Operating agreements


  • Virtual office service


  • S-Corp election


  • Mailing service


  • Legal forms


  • Qualifications


  • Legal services


  • Incorporation services



How Much Does Northwest Registered Agent Charges For LLC?


Northwest Registered Agent is a reputable corporation that is notable for their services. To form an LLC, you must pay a $39 + state fee for getting your business or company to be formed under an LLC. The Registered Agent service will be fully free for the very first year. 


However, then you have to pay $125 every year. In addition, you need to worry less once you get the service because address privacy will be free for the customers. Also, you can contact us if you live in LA and want an LLC in California.


Advantages of Northwest Registered Agent:


Contacting the Northwest Registered Agent will surely make you worry less. It comes with many advantages, and you can always relax after that. It includes:


  • Keeping your address secure from public record


  • Incredible customer support


  • Reasonable prices


  • Been in business for more than 20 years


  • Saves your data and doesn't sell it, anyone


  • Offices in strategic locations 


If you have a business based in Denver and want to form an LLC in Colorado, we can help you.


Services of Northwest Registered Agent:


Northwest Registered Agent offers products and services. Check them below:


LLC Formation:


If you are thinking about 'what an LLC is,' we will tell you something. LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. A structure of business that is allowed by state statute. Once you contact Northwest, they will check the LLC name availability and file the Articles of Organization. 


Registered Agent Service:


Northwest will give away free Registered Agent service for the first year. Once it's ended, you must renew for $125 every year. 


EIN Number:


Northwest will give you an EIN Number for $50. If you don't live in the US and currently don't have an SSN or ITN, Northwest will get you an EIN from the IRS. The price will be $200.



Final Thoughts:


To conclude, you know the LLC, Registered Agent, and, most importantly, what Northwest Registered Agent does for their customers. You can register your business here if you prefer privacy and everything related. 


Also, if you are based in Milwaukee and want an LLC in Wisconsin, your best bet will be Northwest Registered Agent.