mSpy Application: Everything You Need to Know

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Updated: January 16, 2020
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mSpy Application: Everything You Need to Know


In today’s era, the advancements in technology with updated and new features make smartphones even a more powerful and integral part of their lives. It is probably impossible to imagine a life without a phone in hand. It combines with all the features such as texting or messaging, use of the different applications and browse the internet which will substitute the requirements to have a laptop or personal computer.


Unluckily, on the other side, technology is also a double-edged weapon as it has some detrimental effects too which come with different features. It has umpteen risks such as cyber-bullying, theft of identity, sexting and wrong communications by online thieves as well as predators. For the same token, there is always a need for the applications and software that protect a person from the theft and the demand for such preventives increasing day by day. Out of all the software and application, mSpy has to gain popularity at a high pace for protecting the users.


mSpy is a perfect tool for the parents who want to keep an eye over their children to know whether they access anything inappropriate or if they came across something dangerous through their device.



What is mSpy Software?

It is a Mobile Phone tracker application which can easily be controlled by parents and it permits parents to monitor text messages, phone calls, Current location of the child, their browsing history, pictures, videos, chat messages through Snapchat, Instagram, Viber and others through the control panel of mSpy.


When one purchased and installed the application completely, then the application will begin to track all connected devices on the dashboard and target all the actions done on that device. The entire activities done on that target devices can be easily viewed through any remote device.


This application is easy to access it is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices and also hold up all types of no-jailbreak solutions. One of the best solutions available in the market for spying is mSpy software.


The Net users provide different discount offers to the customers and one can get some huge discounts on the purchase of this application by applying promo codes to save some amount of money. Be aware! Because mSpy can never give any discount on parental control functions.


However, mSpy offers special discounts to their clients on the official website. You have to attentive from such suspicious offers and frauds. The only free thing provided by mSpy is a free trial for seven days and during this time, you can understand the significance of this software in your life and know whether it meets your requirements or not.


Some Features of mSpy

mSpy free mobile phone tracker has similar features as the paid version but it depends on the pack you have subscribed to. Here are some of the basic features of mSpy:

●       Updates available automatically.

●       Availability of bookmarks.

●       Alerts for keywords.

●       Text messages and MMS.

●       Electronic mails.

●       Pictures and videos.

●       History of websites.

●       Phone book and call history.

●       GPS location.

●       Technical support for 24/7.


Some of the highlighted features of mSpy Application

Inspect call logs:

The parental control monitoring application for Android and iOS devices assist the parents to browse the incoming and outgoing call history of a child’s mobile phone on their own device. All the related information with the calls such as duration, time, times and dates can be checked through the Control Panel of this application. Moreover, they can also block all the calls from the number you choose.


Review the chat messages:

They can also supervise the instant chats over the various social media applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber and other platforms. Instant notification is directly received on their device via the control panel. They get information when some messages exchanged in chats and they get information about the same.


Flip through text messages:

With the help of mSpy SMS tracer, they can also get track of text messages and review the same. All the text messages sent and receive can be easily tracked by parents through the Control Panel even if these messages were deleted, you can also do the recovery and saved the text messages too.


Track location via GPS:

With the help of mSpy’s GPS service, the precise location of the child’s mobile phone can be tracked. You can also set the safe zoned on their phone and when they cross the area of safe zones, then you will automatically get an alert from this application. Moreover, route history also determined and frequently visited locations too.


Monitor web browsing:

The parents can also keep an eye over the browsing history of the child and get to know what type of information they are searching for and what they are trying to do. In addition to this, they can also monitor the browsing data with details such as bookmarks, dates, timing, and duration too. All this can be seen via the Control Panel. Parents can also block dangerous websites to prevent their children from surfing the same.


Examine multimedia content:

Through this mobile phone tracker application, the parents can browse and see the thumbnails of each and every photo sent as well as receive through their mobile phone. It doesn’t matter whether the application is sent and receive through SMS, chat messages or any electronic mail.



Free seven-day trial of mSpy application

If you want to buy the mSpy’s latest version, then you can easily get this trial to understand the basic features of this application and how it works. It is also a good option for its testing.

To get the free version of mSpy parental control application, firstly you need to fill the required information and then, check the activate box as well as press the “Get Free Trial”. The seven-day free version is only available for seven days and you can also reject the subscription of mSpy mobile phone tracker application during this period of seven days. So, go ahead and download as well as install the application for the phone tracker and make a decision by own.