Leave Behind Your Smartphone And Go For A Smartwatch

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Updated: May 07, 2018
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Leave Behind Your Smartphone And Go For A Smartwatch

The Smartwatch is an electronic smart wristwatch and, therefore, the ideal smartphone replacement gadget. It is a  wristwatch-sized device equip sensors and actuators and features computer capabilities and sophisticated connectivity.


The smartwatch can be defined as an extension of the classic smartphone. In general, this smart clock works only with this smartphone because, without the mobile phone, the functions are severely limited.


The typical uses are fitness tracking, navigation, and telephony (including SMS). Depending on the usage, the batteries of the current Smartwatch comparison winners have a maximum running time of 40 hours. However, the producers are not just working on this point to optimize the performance and functionality of the smartwatches.



How Does A Smartwatch Work?


When describing the smartwatch features, we included many aspects. Thus, the smartwatch's use or functionality depends on user preferences. If necessary, an adjustment is possible. 


 The devices are equipped with voice control. The combination with a navigation app transforms the smartwatch into a digital signpost. Whether traveling on foot, bike, or in the car, the navigation system ensures you reach your destination quickly. The instructions for changing direction depend on the voice output or vibration setting.


Another important feature of the smartwatch's function is the use of batteries. The rechargeable energy sources usually require a charge almost daily, so the smartwatch is fully operational. Due to the improved battery technology, some models only need charging every two days or more.



The functionality of the various smartwatches in the test is based on operating systems, some of which are proprietary products. Apple, for example, works with Watch OS and Google with its own Android version, tailored to Android Wear devices. It is important to adapt the apps to compatible watches and operating systems for the smartwatches to work properly.


Most smartwatches only work in cooperation with a smartphone. The LG Watch Urban LTE can be used independently of the mobile phone—an advantage for users who use Android as the operating system. The selection of watches is very versatile. Those who use iOS have a disadvantage.


What Can A Smartwatch Do?


Smart wristwatches, such as those worn by David Hasselhoff in the Knight Rider series, are today a real product. Operated with its own SIM card, a smartwatch today offers a variety of functions. Although the purchase is unnecessary for many people, the watches open up new possibilities. A conventional wristwatch is referred to by many as a piece of jewelry that is worn on very special occasions. If you want to know the time of day, you can look at the smartphone or even the smartwatch. However, a constant look at the smartphone's display can be interpreted in some situations as rude, and thus is one Smartwatch a perfect alternative. However, such a watch can display much more than just the time.


A Companion For Healthy Lifestyle


Smartwatch offers a second display and is considered a useful extension. A feature that has become very important to many today is measuring various health issues. Many of us look for a healthy lifestyle and want to be informed as much as possible. With a smartwatch, you can record and evaluate your daily movement with the help of integrated sensors. Do you feel that you are not sleeping well or sufficiently at night? With a smartwatch, you can monitor your sleep habits. A completely new feature is the NFC chip. This chip opens doors, and you no longer need to enter an access code.


Monitor Fitness And Health With A Smartwatch


With a smartwatch, many monitor their current fitness. Count steps or measure with this clock your pulse; the possibilities are today very versatile. The manufacturer Apple offers the most famous smartwatch. Apple now markets its watch as a health and fitness watch and focuses on this. Of course, Apple's watch can continue to receive news or in-depth messages. Very handy is also the input of appointments. The main functions and services of a Smartwatch :

  • Display of messages and incoming calls

  • Monitoring of health and fitness diary

  • Read important information directly on the wrist.


Many experts have long ago claimed that the smartwatch will soon replace the smartphone. 



Apps On The Smartwatch


While strolling through the shopping street, you can check out the latest deals on the wrist. The apps on the watch are the same as on the smartphone. They were adapted to the size of the display.


Advantages & Applications


A smartwatch is suitable for home and business use. The devices with their innovative sensors are used, among other things, for fitness control. In addition, they can be used in conjunction with medical monitoring systems.





 The smartwatches equipped with sensors detect anomalies in sick or older adults. They determine if a seizure occurs or if someone has fallen. It makes sense to wear a wristwatch with intelligent functions even in an endangered environment, such as risky workplaces or difficult applications.


The classic applications of the smartwatch also include reminder and time functions that complement the time display. Detecting activities make the smartwatch a versatile digital companion.


 The smartwatch can be used as an alarm clock to collect personal data, as an extension of the phone, and as an individual monitoring device.


Through networking, the smartwatch offers the opportunity to inform the wearer about relevant news or make records. 


What Types Of Smartwatches Are There?


With the classical Smartwatches, the construction method has only small differences. The touchscreen gets the necessary support through an SoC, and the battery also includes Bluetooth or NFC and GPS equipment. Depending on the manufacturer, the brand of the compatible smartphone may be specified. Here we would like to introduce the main categories in our smartwatches review. This description is intended to help prospective buyers decide which watch is the comparison test winner or favorite.



The so-called all-rounder or classic smartwatch models have a round or square touch display, which is relatively large; This makes the interface suitable for numerous Actions, for example, for writing SMS. Due to their size, these smartwatches are mainly suitable for men.


The mini-smartwatch is significantly smaller than the All-rounder watch. Women especially like to use smaller and lighter wristwatches, although these often have a lower functionality.


The minor disadvantages of the smartwatch are mainly related to the fact that it is still a young invention whose potential has not yet been exhausted:


 That's how we reviewed the smartwatches.


Our smartwatch test of 2018 refers to the devices' capabilities and degree of customization, and overall quality. The electronics industry has high-end, multi-functional wristwatches and fitness trackers to help measure and record their activities. 


The specific features of the smartwatches are discussed in this section. 


The Battery Life


The battery's performance generally depends on the power consumption of the smartwatch. It uses less energy when the display is smaller and has a lower resolution. 


The Functionality Of The Smartwatch


The typical functions of a smartwatch are the display of fitness data and important Internet information in real-time in addition to the time display, phone calls, and SMS communication; This can be the current weather report or news. For this purpose, a WLAN connection is usually necessary. 



Operation: Touch Screen Or Buttons?


In our smartwatch review, we learned about different models and operating options. There are models with a pure touchscreen, wristwatches with hardware buttons, and smartwatches that offer both.  

The size of the smartwatch


The rather small smartwatches are well-received by women but often have limited functionality. That's why the All-rounder is a market favorite, not just for men. The display is easier to read from a certain size. The indication of the screen size in the product description does not include the margin, which should be considered in the selection.


The Sensors


The quality of the sensors affects the precision of weather and health data display. Also, high-quality sensors are required in the fitness area, which measures, for example, the step frequency or the pulse. Fine temperature or barometric pressure sensors also help identify the exact environmental conditions with the smartwatch. 


The Display


In our Smartwatch Test, the display is one of the main roles because it gives the watch a face. That's why it should be stylish and convincing of its durability. A high-quality version of the display is based on a decent resolution, depending on pixel density. 


Modern smartwatches usually work with an OLED display, which impresses with its outstanding contrasts. In the conventional displays of the LC technology, the contrasts are less strong, so the representation in the sun is less clear.


The Sealing Of The Housing


Smartwatches worn during sports or outdoor activities should be dustproof and resistant to rain wherever possible. But these outdoor watches are equipped with water- and dust-proof housing. If, according to the product description, a smartwatch has only splash protection, it should not be used while swimming. Surfing, swimming, or diving are only waterproof models, and level 0 for no protection Water sports enthusiasts are also the smartwatches with a waterproof level 8. 



What Should You Look For When Buying A Smartwatch?


The smart wristwatches from our test are multifunctional companions for many occasions. So that they fulfill their task and can be used optimally, you should pay attention to some details in the selection. 


The operating system of the Smartwatch plays an essential role in the selection: It is the basis for the simple data exchange from the mobile phone to the multifunction watch. In some cases, however, different operating systems can now correspond if configured accordingly. There are some cross-platform systems available.