10 Best Lawn Mowers

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By Andrew Bret
Last updated: February 01, 2019

Poulan Pro 967044401 40V Electric Start Dual Blade Mower, 20"

This lawnmower is a part of the Poulan Pro 40 volt battery family of tools. It gives you the power and performance you need to help you get your yard work done faster. Thanks to the smart Poulan Pro battery system, you can use the same battery for several tools and tasks, easy and convenient.

The instant start gets you going in no time, no hassle with gas, oil or difficulty with pull starters. The design has been carefully developed to give you maximum comfort while doing the hard work. The powerful performance will have you well prepared for the toughest tasks, while also giving you the versatility for precision work when needed. The quiet power gives you a great experience while minimizing the impact on others. In short, it proudly lives up to the Poulan Pro promise giving you the power to handle any yard and any task.

Toro TimeMaster 30 Inch

Take charge of your yard. This is Toro’s top-of-the-line, walk-behind mower, packed with all the features you need to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. The time master is now even more powerful, with a new Professional Series Briggs and Stratton engine. With all this power, you can tackle hills and take down tall grass with ease. And with a 30-inch wide deck, you'll be done in 40% less time. So, you'll have more time to enjoy it. Under the deck, there's the dual force cutting system with Toro’s blades that turn your clippings into fine mulch which adds nutrients to your grass for a healthier or beautiful lawn. Even with its time saving deck size, the time Master handles as easily as any other Toro mower. With Toro’s innovative personal pace drive system, the time master always moves at your own pace. And the traction of this handle makes it even easier to mow uneven ground. So get that pristine cut for that perfect yard and have more time to kick back and relax.

Craftsman 40V Cordless Lithium Ion Powered Lawn Mower

Make sure your lawn is extra green. With the craftsman 40 volt lithium ion dual blade motor, a battery powered lawnmower, for homeowners sick of dealing with heavy, hard to start gas-powered mower. The mower features a 40-volt Lithium-ion diehard battery, capable of powering dual blades for up to 70 minutes of runtime. This mower has top-of-the-line features you'd expect from a traditional mower. Like a lightweight 20 inch cutting deck, a 201 feature for mulching or collecting clippings in the craftsman exclusive Dust-Blocker Bank. A simple push-button starter, dual 10-inch counter rotating blades for superior mulching and cutting efficiency and load sensing technology for maximum runtime makes it a super efficient lawn mower. The mower assesses the load and adjusts power demand from the battery. All that features in a mower that weighs up to 50lb. So it’s simple to maneuver. Plus the 40 volt diehard battery is compatible with all the other Craftsman's 240 volt tools.

Lawn-Boy 17732 21-Inch Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Offers a line of 20 inch mowers that are lightweight, easy to use and provide an excellent cut every time. They're ideal for smaller to average-sized lawns with landscaped areas and obstacles. If you're looking for a no-nonsense reliable mower, try the lawn boy. It features over-sized 11 inch rear wheels that make it easy to glide through the rougher, uneven areas in your yard or choose the self-propelled rear wheel drive model that provides better traction for tackling slopes and maneuvering around turns. The 20-inch cutting deck is lightweight and the smaller width is perfect for mowing in tight areas. The deep dome deck design, accompanied by the tri cut blade, delivers finer grass clippings, the superior mulching and healthier lawn. All Lawn-Boy mowers provide standard performance, allowing you to mulch bag of side discharge, quickly. The top mounted bagging system and the one-piece handle make it easy to remove and empty the bag.

When space is limited, the folding handle along with the smaller neck make storage not an issue. Lawn mowers are powered by reliable Briggs & Stratton engines and are covered with a three-year true start engine commitment, starts on one or two pulls or Lawn-Boy will fix it for free.

They're backed by a 2-year full-coverage warranty. When you're looking for an easy to use reliable mower, think LawnBoy.

EGO LM2102SP 21" Self -Propelled Lawnmower

Ego 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower is the first lithium ion mower with a self-propelled drive system and the torque of gas. On-demand lever engages the advanced self-propelled system, powered by the industry's most advanced 56 volt lithium-ion battery. Adjustable speed control allows you to climb a hill or power through a straightaway at the pace that's best for you. Changing the deck height or handle position is as simple as pressing a lever. Runtime matters that's why Ego  developed the industry's first 7.5 amp hour battery, giving you 1 hour of mowing on a single charge.

Thanks to its advanced engineering, you can cut through thick long grass without bogging yourself down, delivering a whole new level of power and performance. Headlights and the whisper quiet motor let’s you mow at any hour. The full 21-inch mower is weather resistant and backed by a 5-year warranty. The Eagle power plus lawn mower is part of a system so the battery can be used with any Eagle tool for maximum versatility and value. And when the work is done, Ego’s patented handle design, folds flat in seconds for easy cleaning and storage.

Cub Cadet

With Cub Cadet, pride goes into everything they do. Only a strong durable load that's built to perform a cut above the rest will do. This is a mower that's been intelligently designed to get the job done right with a precise cut every time. That mower comes from the signature cuts series by Cub Cadet. The only line of walk behind mowers that delivers the remarkable results of the Cub Cadet signature cut and you can get that cut in total comfort with Cubs available MySpeed Premium Drive Control System that adjust to your pace so you can mow at a speed that's comfortable to you no matter the terrain. With the choice between front or rear-wheel drive models, you'll get the exact performance you need out of your mower.

The addition of ergonomically designed handles, provide a firm, soft touch grip proving their strength and comfort. For enhanced handling, take advantage of select models, front caster wheels. These wheels provide effortless zero turning capability for easy maneuverability and featuring exclusive locking capabilities that makes straight-line mowing easier than ever. For smoother operation, even on uneven terrain, choose a model with high rear wheels for unbeatable ease. You'll also enjoy how easy it is to start your new signature cut series more. Guaranteed to start in just one or two pulls with no priming or go with the push-button electric start on select mowers for the ultimate in convenience. Plus with the ability to easily set your cutting height to one of six different positions as well as choose between three cutting options, bag mulch or side discharge.

You can maintain your lawn exactly how you prefer. All of these walk-behinds have Cub Cadet certified engine that have passed rigorous tests, assuring they meet their standards of performance and durability. But for added peace of mind, all Cub Cadet walk-behind are supported by a strong three-year warranty. All of that to help you create a perfectly manicured lawn to enjoy and take pride in all season long.

Snapper Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Snapper, powered by Briggs & Stratton, provides the ultimate battery-powered outdoor equipment. The powerful lithium-ion battery is the industry's first 60 volt system and is interchangeable with all weather Snapper 60 volt tools. The cordless push mower uses a brushless motor for ultimate power performance and durability. The 21-inch steel deck with a 3-in-1 design offers versatility and faster mow times. Vertical storage helps save up to 70% storage space. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery uses cutting-edge technology to deliver maximum power. Smart cut technology mows up to a quarter acre on a single battery charge.

The Electric Start is used for quiet operation with minimal vibration versus comparable gas mowers. It offers hassle-free operation, no cord, no gas, no oil, and no maintenance required.

Troy-Bilt TB270ES 159cc 21-Inch FWD Self-Propelled Mower With Electric Start

Troy Bilt 4x4 variable speed drive, adapts to your yard. It gives you the choice of front, rear or all-wheel drive, to deliver the traction you need, when and where you need it. The front wheel drive tackles larger flat areas and allows you to turn off, it without disengaging the drive. The rear wheel drive delivers traction to the back wheels on hills, pushing it up with ease. The 4x4 drive option delivers the ultimate traction for all four wheels, propelling it up to steep hills through tall, thick grass and over any other difficult terrain. No matter what type of yard conditions you have, 4x4 variable speed drive delivers just the traction you need, when and where you need it.

Toro Recycler (22") 190cc Personal Pace Lawn Mower

Toro mowers deliver unmatched cutting performance, ease-of-use and reliability. The best-selling recycler series story starts under the deck with Toro’s innovative cutting system. The front throat chamber anatomic blade lifts suspend and re-cut clippings into super fine mulch for healthy lush looking turf. Rear-wheel drive models are available with Toro’s patented personal pace automatic drive that adjusts your walking speed. Just press the handle and go. The faster you walk, the faster you mow. Recyclers also come with traditional to veil variable speed drives on front-wheel drive models or high wheel versions for rough terrain. All recyclers provide standard 3-in-1 performance going from bagging to mulching or side discharge quickly.

The one-piece handle design means easy on and off bagging. Personal pace models switch from mulching to bagging with a simple flip of the bag on demand lever. Options include push-button and electric start to prevent accidental starting and the spin stop blade stop system, letting you safely step away without restarting. A washout court makes cleanup a snap and recyclers are driven by your choice of engine that provide outstanding performance and reliability. Toro engineering and industry-leading warranties add up to a mower you can count on.

Honda HRX 187cc Gas 21 in. 4-in-1 Versamow System Lawn Mower with Clip Director and MicroCut Blades 

Honda HRX mowers are the ultimate mowing machines. Each of these models offer premium features like Honda's revolutionary Versamow 4-in-1 system and micro-cut twin blades to give you top cutting performance and the best-looking lawn, possible. HRX models also come with a full 5 year warranty on the mower itself and a limited lifetime warranty on the rugged durable NeXite deck.

Let's start with the most important part of the motor, the engine. The HRX series is powered by Honda's premium residential GCV series engine. This 190 cc overhead cam, overhead valve workhorse provides ample power to address a wide variety of mowing conditions, and like all Honda engines, offers easy starting and legendary reliability. Let's look at some of the special features you'll find on the Honda GCV 190 engine. An automatic engine chokes system for initial start ups, there's no longer any need to manually choke the engine when it's cold. The system allows you to immediately start mowing after starting.

All HRX models feature a NeXite deck, made from an extremely durable polymer material. Similar materials commonly found in football helmets and car bumpers. Exclusive to Honda's HRX mowers, NeXite was developed to resist dents, rust and corrosion. NeXite is amazingly strong. In fact Honda is so confident about the durability of the NeXite deck; it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Even with all these other innovations, the moment when grass meets blade is still the most important part of the operation and we've got that well covered. Honda is the only manufacturer to offer a unique twin blade mowing design, called the micro cut twin blade system. Why twin blades? To stack and offset blades result in more bites into the grass, cutting the grass into smaller pieces. The leading blade makes a major cut at the front then the lower blade makes a smaller cut. The clippings then re-circulate around inside the deck while the blades continue to cut them into smaller and smaller pieces. Smaller clippings make better mulch, because they decompose more quickly returning valuable nutrients to your lawn.

When bagging smaller clippings mean more clippings per bag and less time emptying the bag. Twin blades also produce a superior, cut giving your lawn a smooth even surface. The exclusive micro cut twin blade system is only available from Honda.

One of the biggest innovations in recent long board technology is Versamow 4-in-1 system, offered exclusively by Honda. This revolutionary technology allows you to choose how much grass is bagged and how much is mulch. There are 10 different positions, ranging from full bagging to full mulching or any combination of the two. With no tools or attachments needed, it's the ultimate in versatility and convenience.

How does the Versamow 4-in-1 system work?

A unique knob called the clip director is built into the deck the clip director is attached to a sliding door located under the mowers deck, which controls the direction of the grass clippings. The clip director directs grass clippings in 10 different combinations from full mulch to full bag or anywhere in between. In full bag mode, the opening in the deck is fully open allowing clipping collected in the bag. When the clip director is moved to the middle notches, the slide door is now partially closed, so some clippings will go into the bag and some will be directed onto the ground. When the clip director has been moved to the full launch position the door is completely closed and all clippings will be directed to the ground. When you want to discharge, simply move the clip director to full bag mode and remove the bag. The integrated rear discharge door directs grass clippings to the ground without the need for a separate discharge chute.

The Honda HRX series, with its Versamow system 4-in-1, allows for mulching bagging rear discharging and leaf shredding. Leaf shredding makes easy work of spring and fall cleanup by chopping up the leaves while mowing. The HRX design makes this task even easier. Unlike other mowers, no attachments are necessary. Just move the quick director to notches from the full mulch position. This allows leaves to be re-circulated and re-cut, until the particles are small enough to pass through the Versamow opening and into the bay.

Available on HRX, HYA and HZA models, as well as Honda's commercial HRC, HXE models, Honda's exclusive cruise control hydrostatic transmission, allows you to select and set a comfortable speed, between zero and four miles per hour. Cruise control allows you to infinitely vary the mowers ground speed in order to match your speed and the mowing conditions.

You can easily mow at your own pace or quickly adjust to a precise speed. Unlike other variable speed systems, you can set it and forget it. No need to push or lean to make this mower go .It's easy and convenient to use and just like your car, cruise control enables you to select your desired top mowing speed then easily return to it every time you start mowing. Honda's cruise control hydrostatic transmission uses a hydraulic pump and motor, just like you'd find in professional riding equipment.

It is heavy duty and remarkably durable. And here's something that won't surprise you. Honda is the only manufacturer to offer this top-of-the-line transmission on a residential walk behind lawn mower.

Another Honda exclusive, the smart drive variable speed control allows you to easily choose your speed while comfortably resting your hands on the handlebars. This system provides you with infinitely variable speeds. By simply rotating the convenient adjustable smart drive control, you can achieve from zero to 3.6 miles per hour for the HRX series and zero to four miles per hour for the HRR series.

 Smart drive also allows you to continuously adjust the ground speed to match your preferred walking pace. Five different settings allow you to position the smart drive control handle to the position that's most comfortable for you. Honda HRX 217 VL and HRZ models offer the convenience of an automotive style compact electric key start that should never require charging.

A built-in charging system charges the onboard battery while a lawnmower is in use. The HRX 217, HYA and HZA models feature Honda's patented blade stop system enables the user to release the blade engagement lever and stops the blades while the engine continues to run. You can empty the bag move debris or toys out of the way, even drive over sidewalks without having to stop and then restart the engine. The HRX 217 models use a flywheel break safety system that quickly stops the engine and blades when the user releases the handle.

HRX-series mowers offer an easy fold, quick-release handle, which adjusts to three handle heights, allowing you to choose the best position for your height and comfort. The handle also folds away easily with no bolts to tighten or lose. Simply twist a quick release knob. This is great for storage or transport. HRX models offer a sipping position deck height adjustment from 3/4 to 4 inches, allowing easy adjustment to match a variety of grass types and conditions. The 9-inch wheels have increased tread depth and ball bearings in all four wheels. This ensures long life while providing a stable platform, excellent traction and easier handling on uneven surfaces.

Whether you're looking for reliability, ease of use, outstanding performance or exceptional value you'll find it all when you choose to Honda that's right for you. Proudly manufactured in slips in Ville North Carolina, Honda lawn mowers are designed to provide years of faithful service and offer features to make your lawn mowing experience the best it can possibly be.




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