New Year gift ideas for a bikers

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By Ben Stone
Last updated: May 05, 2018

Sometimes it is not so easy to do it: when it would seem, a person has everything and if this biker man, make a necessary and pleasant gift is 100 times more difficult. Do not get lost on the eve of the holiday and please the biker with a useful gift (and not just another souvenir) will help our article!

Today we will consider more than 20 ideas for New Year's gifts for every taste and purse!

Saddle skin care product or action camera? "Wadav" found out what to give a biker for the New Year 2018. Soon the new year and therefore it's time to be puzzled by the search for gifts.

Trying to pick up something interesting and at the same time necessary, you, of course, will reflect: "What do you like about the gifted?" If the gifts are for the owner of the motorcycle, you can find an inexhaustible source of ideas in various motorcycle accessories. We offer you a selection of New Year gifts for bikers.


The most important thing for a motorcyclist is safety and protection. And the most important element of defense is the helmet. Before buying, you need to correctly determine the size - this is the most difficult for the "blind purchase" item of equipment. The helmet should not be pressed, but it must stay tight, and the same size may differ for different models of helmets. A good way out here can be a gift card from one of the equipment vendors.

Reinforced Motors

Rare motorcyclist manages one pair of gloves. In the heat, in the cold, on the rain: there are many options. In addition, due to constant contact with the steering wheel and an aggressive environment, they quickly wear out, which means that the extra pair will never interfere. Choose your wallet and do not forget to check the dimensions.


Electronic gadgets and gadgets are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for gifts to a motorcyclist. Navigators, Bluetooth-devices for negotiation while driving, various light devices, action cameras - all this is necessary and useful.

Motor Cosmetics

Moto cosmetics are also useful for an avid motorist. Conditionally it can be divided into means for care of equipment and means for caring for a motorcycle. The first can include sprays for cleaning helmets and visor from flies and dirt, special tools for soft cleaning of leather outfits (jackets, trousers, etc.), impregnation from the rain. As for the motorcycle itself, it can be a saddle leather care product, a soft cleaner for chrome parts, a spray for cleaning pads, an engine, discs, as well as all kinds of polishes and a variety of napkins and polishing cloths. After all, in the winter season, it is sometimes so pleasant to tinker with your dear "horse" and make it shine for real!

The Best Gift - Motorcycle

If you want to really make a person happy or, perhaps, give a wonderful gift to yourself, after the end of the summer season, dealers offer excellent discounts on new motorcycles. You can always buy models of the year with a good discount or order something from the year of the future - and become one of the first happy owners of a new horse in the winter. Then it remains only painfully to wait for the opening of the season.

Do Not Run - Buy Gift Card

If you cannot decide on the gift, if you do not know the size of the person's clothes (or head), or if you simply do not have the time - choose gift cards. For example, gift cards of Harley-Davidson - of any denomination. This is an excellent universal solution for any situation.


A convenient accessory for wearing under a helmet in cool weather even if your friend biker already has such a balaclava, another one will not be superfluous. Moreover, you can give a biker for a birthday and some original version.

Waterproof motorcycle cover

Such a gift will help to save the motorcycle in the parking lot or in the winter in the garage. They quickly hide the motorcycle if necessary. By the way, if you wish, you can make such a gift for a biker yourself! The main thing is to choose the right fabric and look on the internet for the dimensions of motorcycles.

Body protection

Everybody knows that riding a motorcycle is not a safe exercise. Therefore, to give your close biker a protective shell is the best way to take care of him. In case of a fall, such protection will save his life and protect him from injuries.


To get in the rain for any biker means to immediately soak all clothes. And if you give a friend a light and compact jacket raincoat, he can always quickly put it on and keep the rest of the clothes dry. In addition, in such a thing it is difficult enough to miss the size, because if it is free to hang on the body - it's even better. Very handy thing!

Metal motorcycle model

This is a stylish moto souvenir for a real male biker. Such a motorcycle delivered in the office will delight the eye during the day and cheer up. The model accurately repeats all the details of this bike.

Motorcycle on radio control

One motorcycle is good, but two is better especially if the second motorcycle comes complete with control bullets. This is the perfect version of what you can give a guy a motorcyclist for the birthday party.

Luminous caps on the wheels

Caps without any problems are dressed on any nipples and begin to glow during the movement. All the wheels of the motorcycle glow - very beautiful. This is a cool accessory for a motorcycle. By the way, he certainly likes and girls and guys.


Perhaps a motorcyclist already has the necessary tools, but they lie in a creative mess (as often happens) and spend a lot of time searching for the necessary. Then the toolbox is what you need. Light, made of plastic, it does not take much space and will always keep all the essentials at hand.



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