Gap Credit Card Benefits And Rewards: Everything To Know About How It Operates

Updated: September 25, 2023
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Gap Credit Card Benefits And Rewards: Everything To Know About How It Operates


The Gap is an international American company that offers clothing, accessories, and personal-care items for men, women, and children through its chain stores, franchises, and online shopping websites.


The corporation uses the following brands for marketing its products: Gap, GapBody, GapFit, babyGap, GapKids, Athleta, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. Along with roadside pickup, purchasing online, picking up in-store, and shipping the items you find in-store, Gap also provides


  • By Phone 


To make payments using a gap credit card payment by phone number, you need to follow the:


  1. Your bank account number.


  1. Routing number of your bank.


  1. Your gap credit card number.


For Gap Barclay Credit Cards, call 302-622-8990.


For Gap Synchrony Credit Cards, call 800-887-1198.


For Gap Visa Credit Cards, call 866-450-4467. 


  • By Mail 


The option to make payments online has made it simpler for customers to pay gap credit card bills online. You must mail the written check or money order directly to the payment address. Ensure to attach purchase vouchers in the mail along with the invoices.


  • Online Using Barclay or Synchrony 


  • Log in to your online Gap credit card Synchrony account or Gap credit card Barclay account using your username and password.


  • Click on the “Pay your Bill” button.


  • Enter the name of your bank and the bank account number. 


  • Enter the amount of money you want to pay and confirm the payment. 


If you still need to be signed in or do not have an account, you can also make payments as a guest, providing your bank account number, the three-digit security code, postal code, and intended payment amount.


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Gap Credit Card Rewards 


With the Gap Rewards Mastercard Credit Card, you receive rewards for purchasing at Gap. However, using the card at additional Gap-affiliated stores, such as Banana Republic, Gap Factory, Old Navy, and Athleta, will also earn you greater rewards:


  • Spend $1 at Gap and other qualifying brands using Gap Good Reward Card and get 5 points online and at the store.


  • Every dollar spent using a gap good rewards visa credit card earns only one point.


  • Further, after approving a Gap credit card, the customers can achieve a 20% off on their first purchase by using their card. It has a few limitations; the discount is only offered at Gap-authorized stores, used once, and must be utilized within 30 days after the approval of the card. 


  • Including this, it also offers free three- to five-day shipping on purchases of $50 or above.


  • You will earn a $5 discount on shopping at the Gap family store by sparing $100 through this card at any authorized store. But, if one cannot utilize these points within 12 months, the points will expire. 


  • The customers are also facilitated to participate in various unique events which offer different rewards. These events contain to earn extra points of rewards and an additional 10% discount on all stores, birthday bonus offers, and a waiver on the company's return receipt policy on Tuesday.


  • After getting certain milestones, the customers achieve higher membership status levels, including three benefits based on the total qualifying purchases. These levels include the CORE level, in which customers have to spend < $500 annually on the brand; the ENTHUSIAST level, which can be achieved by spending $500-$999 annually and an ICON level, in which customers can earn 5,000+ points, as a Card-member or $1,000+ on annual brand spending.


  • Customers with The Gap Icon account holders also have the benefits of 


  • Getting free shipping for 2-3 days on the purchase of $50 or more.


  • Basic alterations are free on clothing bought online or in-store at Banana Republic.


  • One day of pick-your-own-sale.


  • A 500-point bonus per quarter.


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How to Redeem Gap Rewards Online


  • You will be asked to provide your email address to redeem Gap credit card rewards online. However, salespeople will ask for your phone number if you shop in-store. 


Every 100 points you earn entitles you to a $1 credit that may be redeemed using your Gap good rewards credit card from the Gap, Inc. family of brands. Several other Omni-channel services;  Additionally, it grants several service providers licenses to promote and sell these items.


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Gap Credit Card


There are various variations of the Gap credit card, also known as GapCard. A store-only card is the most basic one that may get used at Gap locations and those of Banana Republic, Athleta, Old Navy, and Intermix. Additionally, it is also applicable to online shopping.


Customers can also apply for a Gap Visa credit card associated with Visa. Although at a rate slower than the rate of Gap family stores, this card can get used anywhere Visa is accepted, and bonus points can get earned for the Gap rewards program. Cash advances are available to Visa cardmembers charging a 4% fee or the lowest cost of $10, which is even higher.


Gap Credit Card Log-in


  • Visit and create an account first. 


  • Input your gap good rewards card number, the four-digit security code at the back of your card, and your current employment.


  • Set a login username and password, following the instructions.


  • Finish the procedure by confirming your email address.


  • Return to the login page after signup, enter your login information, and select Secure Login.


Gap Credit Card Synchrony 


For over 22 years, Synchrony has provided credit cards for Gap, one of its top five commercial card providers. One of the bank's oldest card collaborations, the connection consists of co-branded credit cards that can be used almost anywhere and private-label cards that can only be used in company stores. In April 2022, the Gap contract was expected to expire and be replaced by Barclays.


Gap Credit Card Barclays


Gap Inc. will switch to Barclays as its sole issuer in the United States. Gap, Barclays, and Mastercard have combined to provide outstanding customer service and a wonderful experience to Barclay's Gap credit card holders. 


Barclays Gap Credit Card Login


  • Browse Gap Barclays and click on learn more. 


  • Then click on the Apply Now button.


  • Next, provide the appropriate data, pick your gap rewards login username, and set a password. 


  • You will immediately receive your Gap credit card if you follow all the instructions. 


  • The selected username and password can then get used to log in whenever you want to access your Gap Barclay Credit Card Account.


Gap Credit Card Payment


It's pretty simple to pay your bills using Gap credit cards. There are three options: online, by mail, and by phone.


  • You may always log into your Gap Inc. account to see how many points you have if you're unsure of your Gap credit card rewards. Use your rewards to get discounts on goods at retail stores or online.


  • You can also donate your rewards through your account online, and Gap Inc. has agreed to match member donations to its five Do Good programs for up to $1 million.



Gap Credit Card Benefits


The following are some typical advantages of Gap credit cards:


  • Discounts and Rewards: Customers who use their Gap credit card for the first time frequently enjoy discounts on their purchases. Additionally, for each dollar paid at Gap or linked businesses, users may earn points or incentives that may be used for future purchases.


  • Exclusive Offers: Gap credit card members could get exclusive deals, discounts, and early participation in sales events; This enables them to benefit from savings before other customers.


  • Prizes for Birthdays: Cardholders may receive exclusive birthday offers or prizes during their birthday month.


  • Zero Fraud responsibility: Gap credit card holders normally have zero fraud responsibility regarding unauthorized charges.