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By Julia Rachel
Last updated: October 19, 2018

Online store SammyDress is an online fashion and accessories store, it belongs to the international group Yigou, which is located in Shenzhen, China. The policy of the store is to provide the customer with a wide range of high-quality fashionable clothes at a factory price. The assortment is really fantastic. You can find everything from wedding dresses to wigs, from underwear to costume jewelry. Also, SammyDress offers a wide range of cosmetics and personal care products.

This online resource is the leading wholesale online store of clothing and accessories in Asia. If you are looking for clothes at very low prices and a great choice, then this is the perfect solution for you. The purpose of the store is to provide customers with high-quality products at producer prices.

The site has a simple system: the more you make purchases, the greater the discount, for example, when you buy 10 things you get a 5% discount. Also, there is a VIP program, which offers a wide range of services and benefits, it is provided only for frequent buyers. To become a VIP-client it is possible absolutely free of charge - to get membership in the club, it is enough to make purchases for the amount of $ 500 per month. The main advantages of the VIP-client are a discount for delivery and large discounts for the goods themselves, which will allow you to save very decently.

Low wholesale prices, high-quality products, fast and professional service - these benefits of the SammyDress online store attract thousands of customers every day. Find a suitable thing here will be able to both retail buyers and wholesalers.

How to buy and place an order in SammyDress:

With step-by-step instruction for ordering is available here. Here are four reasons why you should visit the online store SammyDress :

·         A wide selection of quality products. New products are added every day. The marketing department tirelessly searches for the latest innovations, the most popular fashion models, to attract and satisfy all customer requirements.

·         Low prices from the manufacturer. The store cooperates with manufacturers in China, as well as all over the world, so it can offer customers the highest quality goods at a low price.

·         Fast delivery and professional packaging. You can use such carriers as UPS, FedEx, DHL and other postal services. Professional warehouse staff will take good care of orders. Before departure, all orders are carefully checked, and only after making sure that they are packed in accordance with all norms and all standards, the order is sent to the buyer.

·         The customer receives the best service. Employees of the online store SammyDress are constantly trained and you can get any advice. If there is any problem, it will be resolved as soon as possible. Customer service is open around the clock.

We provide a wide range of high-quality fashion clothing at wholesale prices and the best service for customers around the world. Sammydress is the leading global online wholesale supplier of wedding dresses and wedding accessories, offers evening dresses and accessories, casual dresses, women's clothing, underwear, shoes and many other quality products. Having opened the catalog of the online store Sammydress, you will be pleasantly shocked by the abundance of products that are available to order. Models are very diverse and differ in both size and shape. There is definitely one to choose from. Pleasant prices for the offered positions will also be rewarded.

The store guarantees the calculation and payment of cash back, in such cases:

1. The transition was made using the button "In the store" on our website. After the transition to the online store has passed no more than 4 hours, the order is made without leaving the store

2. After making the transition to the store, you did not go through advertisements in other sources and did not switch from the e-commerce newsletters to the site, also did not use third-party promotional codes

3. The product you selected participates in the cash back (in some online stores there is a division on the category, see the "INFORMATION / TERMS" tab)

4. After you paid for the goods in the Internet store, you did not refuse the goods for any reasons

5. You do not use or disabled special ad blockers, such as AdBlock and others

We guarantee the payment of the funds earned by you to the chosen convenient method within 3 working days (usually no more than 24 hours) after the request is submitted through the special menu "Withdrawals".

From the pros:

·         Low prices.

·         Discount coupons (as far as we know, coupons are not allowed to be published directly in the review, so if someone needs - write to us, share it with all we know or you can check out Sammydress coupons here).

·         Payment via PayPal.

·         The system for calculating points for reviews of the purchased goods.

·         Quick support service (answer questions within a few hours).

·         You can send a package as a gift (i.e. you can pay, and the delivery address can be any, and the recipients accordingly may not coincide).

·         There are often stocks where you can buy goods for 1 cent.



·         On the most interesting goods (in our opinion) the delivery is paid.

·         Delivery is longer than from other Chinese stores.

·         It is not profitable to buy jewelry from this store, because on e-Bay is cheaper.

·         The photos of the goods that people ordered for go after explaining how to make an order.



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