Do you have a sense of style?

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By Emily Canal
Last updated: May 03, 2018

The first-class style is first of all constancy and conformity to your character. Nobody will argue with the statement that some girls only blindly follow fashionable trends that do not reflect their individuality, and the sense of style is not inherent in all. Of course, we are sure that you are not one of those.

We decided to check if our fashionable instructions passed by you or you just guided the Instagram heroes and made a test for the sense of style. Go through it to the end and share the result with your girlfriend!

Answer 10 questions and find out if you have a sense of style. At the start, you have already 10 points, for each positive answer adds 1 point to 10. Then calculate the total amount of points and find out the results.

Question #1. In your wardrobe, there are bags for every season?

Question #2. You do not pick up a bag of shoes?

Question #3. In your arsenal of accessories, there are expensive jewelry and beautiful bright jewelry of famous brands?

Question #4. Do you have several beach bags?

Question #5. One of your bags of unusual shape and bright juicy color?

Question #6. Your bag for every day is roomy, practical and stylish?

Question #7. In your wardrobe, there are at least two clutches?

Question #8. The frame of your glasses is rounded, oval or teardrop-shaped with dark lenses and bright arches?

Question #9. Have you reserved for summer beach hats and armed pest the pareo?

Question # 10. You prefer bags of expensive fashion brands?


·         10-12 points.

You are independent and self-sufficient. Fashion trends do not bother you much, you think that the fashion was not created for you. You triple your own style and taste. You give preference to practical and convenient things.

·         13-15 points.

You closely follow the fashion, leaf through the fashion editions, watch the glamorous programs and take the material to your note. Of all the proposed and dictating fashion, you choose only at your own discretion what suits you. You have good taste and you listen to fashion.

·         16-18 points.

You bet only on fashion, actual, sensational. You are a clever woman of fashion and a model for imitation of girlfriends. You clearly know the law of fashion and adhere to all the rules. You know all the fashion boutiques and give everyone practical advice on where and what is better to buy. In your opinion, all the familiar listen and in general you lack in fashion.

·         19-20 points.

You yourself create fashion and dictate the conditions. You are the fashion!



Libas May 10, 2020 at 10:12 AM

Thanks for sharing these amazing fashion lifestyle tips for us. These are really awesome tips for fashion lovers.

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