No More Panicking Over What To Do With You Elf, Try These Hassle-Free Elf On The Shelf Kits

Updated: September 29, 2023
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No More Panicking Over What To Do With You Elf, Try These Hassle-Free Elf On The Shelf Kits


A typical Elf on the Shelf kit is a container filled with several Elf on the Shelf ideas that are assembled in advance and mailed to you, usually from an Etsy seller.


Most boxes contain decorations, toys, games, snacks, printables, and more.


It makes it easier for busy moms like me to pull together and set up a fun idea for our elf each night by having these pre-made Elf on the Shelf idea kits available! No longer must you worry about what you will do with your elf!


An Elf on the Shelf kit is an excellent choice if you need help figuring out where to begin. See my top Elf on the Shelf kits after the break.


A range of pre-planned and ready-made Elf on the Shelf activities and ideas are included in each package listed below and available for purchase on Etsy. Examine each kit to 


Determine which one best suits your requirements.


Elf On The Shelf Kits 2023


Christmas Elf Activities, Elf Props, Pre-Planned Elf Props, 24 Days Of Elf Activities, Christmas Elves For USD 50.00, Which Was Previously USD 100.00


What's included in each package: 


  • Whether you have a new or returning elf or elves, each kit includes a personalized hello and goodbye letter tailored to your family.


  • Pre-planned, pre-bagged, with written and visual instructions. This year, don't worry about what your elf might do. You only need to unpack the day's supplies and follow the instructions to be prepared for the evening.


  • Each display is quick and straightforward to assemble, includes everything you need, and is packaged and labeled with instructions. It's hoped that putting each one together would take a minute or two.


  • Children ages 2 to 12 are appropriate for each theme.



2023 Personalized Elf Kit | Elf Prop 2023 Kit | 2023 Elf Antics | Elf Activities | Complete 2023 Elf Kit | Elf Accessories | Elf Props For USD 60.00


Details of the elf kit include easy-to-follow directions, and each elf activity will be labeled and packaged separately. The various shipments will each contain the necessary setup supplies. 


Each day's activities and materials change. To ensure that all of your elves have the props they need for a great day, if you have more than one, please place an order for the total number of elves participating this season. 


This elf kit lets youngsters play games or win prizes on specific days. We will also provide pictures to help with setup. When your elf or elves get to your house, it will be another simple year to cross off the list.


It is possible to PERSONALIZE the elf kit. Please feel free to include the names of the child and elf in the order so we can include them in the letters. If names are omitted, the customization will be left blank; you can fill it in once you have the elf kit.


NOTE: ORDERING ONE ELF KIT FOR MANY ELVES IS NOT THE SAME AS ORDERING TWO, THREE, OR FOUR ELF KITS! The Elf Kit will have the correct number of sets of activities for the specified number of elves. If the family has several kids, the activities for children will have one set and be shared.


The elf kit is for all children and elves in one home.



The Following Is Part Of The Elf Door Set As An Add-On:


  1. An Animated Elf Door


  1. A Suitcase


  1. Christmas Tree


  1. A Holiday Wreath


  1. A Doormat


  1. Black Boots.