Everything You Need to Know About Dark and Darker

Updated: September 06, 2023
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Everything You Need to Know About Dark and Darker


Dark and Darker is the latest indie video game title that is making rounds all over the internet. Since its official announcement in January 2023, the game has taken the gaming community by storm. It is a first-person 3-player PvPvE epic dungeon crawler by Ironmace that is all set to redefine the iconic gameplay genre!


As of writing, the game is still under active development and is poised to release soon! However, its early-access version is available from the game’s official website.


If you don’t know what this game is about, here is everything you need to know!


About Dark and Darker


Dark and Darker, also known as DnD, is a one-of-a-kind epic dungeon crawler indie video game by Ironmace that integrates battle royale into its core gameplay. It features free and premium in-game currency that can be used for many purposes, such as entering the high-roller gameplay mode or buying items from the shops.


As such, if you need some in-game currency to boost yourself, you can always buy the Dark and Darker gold! And if you’re looking for premium currency, you can also find it in the game shop.


Game Setting


Dark and Darker takes place in the gloomy depths of an ancient citadel where players fight monsters, sneak through the shadows, loot treasures, mine resources, and, most importantly, make it out alive!


The labyrinth corridors of this cursed citadel are filled with dark secrets and hide monsters of unknown origins. The danger here doesn’t just lurk around the corners but also creeps up your back, flanks in from the sides, and appears in front when you least expect it!


Character Classes


However, there’s no need to worry. Where Dark and Darker scares the shit out of players with its dark setting, it also gives them plenty of character classes to help muster courage and fight the sinister forces and opposing players. Currently, there are six distinct character classes in Dark and Darker:


  1. Fighter


He is an all-rounder character type with a balanced skill set. Although Fighters can’t use any spells, their ability to sprint makes them suitable for beginners. When equipped with heavy armor sets, Fighters can give a hard time to enemies and can easily subdue them at close range.


  1. Barbarian


A slow-moving character type with high health that deals high damage. Barbarian’s capability to wield dual weapons makes it ideal for players who love smashing things and making things easier for their comrades by ramming straight into enemy hordes. Barbarians are also resistant to magic spells.


  1. Rogue


An agile character type that can quickly move around and escape the enemies’ line of sight; although Rogues have low health and deal less damage, their character build is balanced by their ability to get past locks and traps! Rogues are sneaking experts who can avoid critical zones with utmost ease.


  1. Ranger


It is an extremely resourceful character type that is just perfect for players who tend to finish the threat long before it approaches them. Rangers are quick to light bonfires and lay traps, and with precise aim-locking skills, they can also swiftly take out enemies from afar.


  1. Wizard


A highly impactful spell-casting character type that can potentially turn the tide of battles if its spells are timed correctly. However, the spells that Wizards cast are limited by the number of times they can be used and need to be refreshed time on time by meditating.


  1. Cleric


A supportive character type that can leverage the holy power to protect their allies and heal them whenever needed. Although Clerics work best when they stay close to their comrades, they can also wield blunt weapons and deal fair damage. However, they are somewhat slower and can only wear plate armor sets.


Dark and Darker Dungeon Maps


In addition to a wealth of character classes, Ironmace has provided an equally valuable number of Dark and Darker dungeon maps divided into Normal and High-Roller modes. While both of these modes offer essentially the same experience, the stakes in the High-Roller mode are much, much higher.


Furthermore, each dungeon is meticulously crafted, and there is no map in the game where a certain character class reigns supreme. Presently, Dark and Darker has four different map types, each with its unique challenges and layouts:


  1. Crypt


It is a typical dungeon with six map variations, 3 for the normal mode and 3 for the high-roller mode.


  1. Inferno


Inferno is a more advanced hell-like dungeon marked with fiery lava flows. It has two map variations.


  1. Goblin Cave


A chaotic dungeon overrun by goblins, spiders, and skeletons swarm. Goblin Cave has no variations and is exclusive for solo play.


4)    Forgotten Castle


A standalone majestic dungeon filled with ancient treasures of a forgotten era and is guarded by knights, mages, and even dragons!


Battle Royale Gameplay


In Dark and Darker, players group in teams of 3 and navigate the treacherous dungeon corridors while plundering as much loot as possible. At the same time, a dark swarm around the dungeons gradually closes in on all the players, and they must escape the dungeon before it engulfs them in its everlasting darkness.


If engulfed or killed, players lose all their equipped gear and loot.


Moreover, in Dark and Darker’s dungeons, monsters are not the only threat. Since the game is PvPvE, you also need to watch out for other players who will lay traps in your way and ambush and attack you just when you think things cannot become any worse!


To Wrap it Up


Because Dark and Darker is a highly anticipated indie video game, it is safe to assume that it is going to hit big numbers in sales and that the Ironmace devs have done a remarkable job in reigniting the old-school genre with a modern battle royale gameplay twist. It, in turn, will help keep modern gamers engaged. What do you think?