The Best Timekeeping Quartz Watches For Men

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Updated: February 21, 2020
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The Best Timekeeping Quartz Watches For Men


If you’re a student, an office worker, ect., a wristwatch is a must-have item as it not only helps you to keep track of the time but also improves your appearance. So today we recommend for you the best men’s quartz watches to help you have more choices. Compared to another type of watches, quartz watches are much lighter and slimmer as they are made using fewer components.

With a variety of brands and styles to choose from, quartz watches are affordable and easy to upkeep. In this review, we will give you details about 5 best quartz watches for men from Filippo Loreti.

1. Venice Moonphase Silver Mesh

The most outstanding feature of this watch is that the watch face is made of sapphire glass which is better than quartz mineral glass. It’s higher-quality and more scratch-resistant. The strap is mesh and stainless steel. For the watch aesthetics, it is Italian-inspired by Italian style and architecture. This is apparent through the back of the case where you can see an engraving of the Basilica di San Marco which is a breathtaking place in Venice, Italy. The watch has a moon phase complication that is very elegant. Furthermore, the sub-dials of the dates are well-balanced along with the markers. It also has a classy mesh band with a clasp that is easy to release so that you can easily change out the straps and switch it up to a leather strap if you want a more casual look. Best of all, the Venice moon phase series is fairly affordable for everybody.

venice moonphase silver mesh

2. Legio Granadier Mesh

This watch is taken inspiration from the military, but it is ready for everyday escapades. The unique yellow marks are accentuated by an all-black dial. The black mesh strap makes the watch suitable for office workers as it goes well with jeans or a suit. Furthermore, an engraving of a horse on the case back makes the watch look formal and rustic. This high-quality watch is reasonably priced. This design has a 40mm case which is 7mm thick. It can also reach up to 50m underwater.

legio granadier mesh

3. Pilot Piper

The first impression on this watch is its sophisticated and classic look. Because the watch is designed to make the beginning of air travel, it embodies the glamour and freedom of air travel. Bold numbers, large sub-dials, and uncomplicated faces are all appropriate for a pilot. The eagle is engraved on the case back of the watch to indicate the sign of freedom. It is water-resistant up to 50mm. There are 2 pushers at 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock. The former is used to start or stop the chronograph and the latter is used to reset the clock.

pilot piper

This watch is highly appreciated for its high quality and the amazing colour combination. The watch gives a lasting impression on users by its elegant, subtle and masculine appearance. It is a great combination of formal and casual dress with an emphasis on the needs of modern men. The most noticeable characteristic of this watch is its luminescent details which can help you to tell time despite the darkness. Carefully crafted by skilled artisans using stainless steel cases, the Okeanos Collection is resistant to corrosion and will hold up under pressure, appropriate for underwater exploration, with the ability to be water-resistant at 100 meters. The case back and the crown feature a sophisticated engraving of the trident of Oceanus.

okeanos blue steel link

5. Ascari Grand Prix GP 1950

The Ascari Grand Prix GP 1950 is inspired by a racing icon which gives it a special style. It also has a clear vision with luminous hands and white sub-dials. The tachymeter bezel carved around the rim of the timepiece is used to track speed. There is also an impressive artwork on the case back which features Alberto Ascari’s legendary vehicle. If you are a car racing lover, owning this quartz watch is a great idea. This design, in particular, has a case dimension of 42mm and also is water-resistant at 100m.

ascari grand prix gp 1950

Quartz watches from Filippo Loreti are a perfect solution for timekeeping and your fashion and style. They are skillfully designed in a sophisticated, elegant and modern look that can help you show off your style. They are worth your money, so don’t hesitate to purchase one.