Best 5 Time Tracking Apps for College Students

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Updated: July 09, 2019
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Best 5 Time Tracking Apps for College Students

A student's relationship with time is weird. This is a person who always thinks there's enough time for studying and assignments but always ends up screaming: "I have no time for this!" when the deadlines approach.


It's not about the lack of time. If you attend all the classes, you'll already get most of the information you need for the exams. You can study a bit every day just to keep your memory active. As for the papers, you can write to them progressively, so one hour per day should be enough. You'll still have time to watch a TV show and hang out with friends.


It's all about efficiency and proper time management skills.


An Internet-connected device may be the biggest distraction, but did you know it's also the greatest productivity tool? You just need to install the right time tracking app. We'll give you a list of few effective timekeeping applications!


Top 5 Time Tracker Apps to Try


1: Harvest

The app is available for iOS and Android phones, but you can also use it as an online app. It mainly targets professionals from all niches. But hey; why wouldn't a student use it? If you're doing some freelance work, in particular, you'll love it!


Harvest combines two important skills: time management and budgeting. You'll create a to-do list, and the app will track the exact period of time you spend on different projects and tasks. As for budgeting, you can snap photos of your receipts and add details, so you'll know how much money you spend on a daily basis.


2: TopTracker

Someone else got the same idea that a time tracker app should have budgeting feature, so we have TopTracker - an app that's similar to Harvest. You can try both and choose the one you like.


TopTracker lets you create a profile as a freelancer, and it will give you free invoicing features. Since most students do some writing, graphic design, programming or photography to cover their expenses, it's no wonder why this app is so popular at colleges. It also gives you time-tracking features, so you'll know how much time you're spending on work and studying, and how much of it you're wasting.


3: OfficeTime

Why are we suggesting an office app? - Because when you're a student, you should take your responsibilities seriously. An office worker has deadlines and no choices; they have to meet them. A student has deadlines, too. But their state of mind is different; they often miss them and get lower grades or completely mess up the course.


This time-tracking app will help you take things seriously. It keeps track of all your responsibilities, so you'll know exactly how much time you have before the deadline. If you realize that there's no time for a particular project, at least you'll hire an essay writer because you'll be aware of the deadline.


OfficeTime is a pretty simple app that also lets you track your expenses and offers invoicing options.


4: TMetric

When working on a particular project, you tend to get distracted by Facebook, Instagram, and other unnecessary online destinations. This app will track where you spend the time, and it will give you a report. When you realize you wasted 59% of the time on social media, the reality will hit you. Get a few more reports like these, and you'll start being more mindful about the working process.


5: Toggl

When you started working on a paper, you gave yourself three hours and you told yourself there was plenty of time to do the research and writing. But the three hours are gone and you have no idea how you managed to NOT complete the project.


Where did the time go?

Toggl will tell you. It's a simple time tracking app that works in the background and makes you more aware of how you use the Internet. Again, this is an app mainly designed to suit the needs of students who also do some freelance work. But even if you use it to track the hours you spend online, it will do its job perfectly well.


Use the Right Time-Management App!


You're not lazy. You're not incompetent.


You're a smart, hard-working, and focused student.


Well, at least you can be focused when you make a true commitment to your studies. It's not easy to fit all those tasks in your schedule and not waste a single minute of the day. But when you waste too much of your time, it's a problem that affects your results.


The five apps we listed above are great for people in any profession, but for students as well. Check them out! You won't need to start using all of them. A single one will do the trick, so choose the one you like the most.



Jeremy Raynolds is a blogger, writer, and editor who loves sharing tips from his own experience. He loves trying productivity hacks and apps. You can follow Jeremy on Twitter if you want more time-management and productivity-boosting tips.