Benefits of Mobile Notary

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Updated: October 19, 2018
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Benefits of Mobile Notary


The notary is a legal profession in which the people are hired or appointed by the State government, such as the Secretary of State, Governor, or Lieutenant Governor to legalize the paperwork of clients or to assist them legally in various domains of their businesses. Sometimes, the notary is appointed by the State Legislature to act as a witness to the signing process of various different legal documents. Hence, the notaries are hired to confirm the identity of the person and also legalize the documents.

However, a notary public cannot give any legal advice or draw any legal document, with a few exceptions such as the state of Puerto Rico and Louisiana. Though, in some of the states like the notary in Pleasanton are allowed to even draft protests against the promissory notes as well as the dishonored checks. Also, in most of the cases, a notary can also attest or certify the facsimile or a copy.



Businesses that have a lot to deal with the documents and take care of amplitude of notarization just like the law clinics, firms, auto or mobile dealerships, lenders, insurance brokers as well as the health care providers, often require the help of a notary public. But it is not allowed to the individuals to employ a notary public and thus comes in a picture the mobile notary service.


What is a Mobile Notary?

The process of getting all your documents notarized is quite a hassle and to find a notary is a much bigger problem. It sometimes becomes very difficult to even visit a notary if you have tons of paperwork.


So, instead of just waiting around you can hook up to the online notary system, which is also referred to as a mobile notary public who usually travels themselves to meet all their clients in-person. So unlike making an appointment and waiting for the notaries, the mobile notary assesses you by meeting you at your specified time and location.


Mobile notaries are usually very helpful for notarizing the mortgage process, where multiple parties need to sign the papers and make a deal. Also, they are useful with the mortgage closings that are conducted across the state lines. The other areas where it is mobile notary is quite helpful is lease guarantor forms traveling notary used is in third-party mail services, power of attorney and other leases.


Moreover, depending on the state, as every state has its own commission to grant a notary and different rules, the mobile notaries can also charge additional fees for the mileage as well as for the convenience they offered on top of the standard fee for the notarization. Though, the price is nothing at all if you don’t have to wait on the notaries in offices or make appointments for your bulk of documents.


However, you can also skip the excess fees with the notarized, which is one of the other convenient platforms that allows you to get your documents notarized online from anywhere in the world. While you still wait for the mobile notary to get back to you, you can get on an easy access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your mobile phones.


This process takes only a few minutes of your day to complete the task you want. The Notarize app can also be used that has a rating of 4.9 on an iOS App Store and around 2,000 reviews. Also, if you have a business that seeks a notary public on regular basis, then you can easily develop the Notarize for Business, which will help you to collect all the documents quicker than in person.


Type of Documents that can be notarized

It is important to also mention the types of documents that can be notarized. Following is the detailed list of documents that require notarization in a long run;


Trusts, Deeds, and Wills

These are the documents that usually require the transfer of assets from the ownership of one person to the other. Such documents are required to be notarized very carefully and are inclusive of the Trusts that refers to assigning the money for a specific purpose; Deeds, which refers to the documents that relate to the transfer of any property; and Wills that are used to distribute any person’s possessions after death.



Medical Documents

Another type of documents that have to be notarized is the Medical documents, which are specifically used to mention the kind of treatment that a person wishes to undergo or deny if the person is incapacitated by an injury or illness. Such documents are usually referred to as the living wills or the health care declarations.


It is important to notarize these documents so that there is no dispute if the doctor fails to fully treat the patient or if the doctor does not abide by the will of his patient. The health care proxies are always notarized as it allows another person to take the best health care decision for another person.


Power Of Attorney

Indeed, power of attorney is a very legal document which requires a very careful scrutiny as it gives another person the liberty to work or make decisions on the other person absence. Ideally, power of attorney gives limited power or rights to the other person and it is essential that it should be notarized so that the person in power does not abuse the opportunity.

Long Distance Agreements

The agreements that take place between the parties that are not in the same region requires to be notarized perfectly so that it is easy to ensure that the person, who has signed the document is not fraudulent and has the valid identification.


Thus, these are the types of documents that can be notarized by the mobile notary and can save up all your visits or appointments you intend to make to the notary office. Our legal team is here to assist you in any corner of the world so that all your agreements have no loopholes, thus allowing you to reduce the risks.