Go Extra: Explore The World Of Barbie Extra Dolls

Updated: November 10, 2023
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Go Extra: Explore The World Of Barbie Extra Dolls


Are you ready to be EXTRA? Then say hello to the Barbie Extra dolls! These dolls embrace bold styles and make a statement. With Barbie’s posable, articulated limbs and vibrant outfits, these dolls will capture the attention of any kid who loves fashion.


Barbie Extra's collection is continually growing and changing as new dolls and accessories are often released. In 2023, we can expect more over-the-top fashion, accessory pieces, and exciting new characters to join the Barbie Extra lineup.


One standout product from the collection is the Barbie Extra 5 Dolls 5 Pets 70 Styling Pieces set, which includes five dolls with unique styles, adorable pets, and plenty of accessories to mix and match. With these dolls, kids can let their creativity run wild and create endless fashion combinations.


But the Barbie Extra collection isn't just limited to dolls! Hot Wheels has also joined the party with their Barbie Extra (Silver) 2022 Toned car, a must-have for any collector or car enthusiast.


So get ready to add flair to your toy collection with Barbie Extra! These dolls and adornments are ideal for kids and adults who love to be daring and passionate with their wardrobe choices.


Barbie Extra Fancy


Buy Barbie Extra Fancy From Amazon Now $32 


Best Pick

Barbie Extra Fancy Fashion Doll & Accessories with Extra-Long Blond Hair & Blue Eyes

Barbie Extra Fancy Fashion Doll & Accessories with Extra-Long Blond Hair & Blue Eyes, Pink Glossy Gown & Pet Puppy For $32.76

Introducing Barbie Extra Fancy -- the Barbie Extra dolls that take it up an EXTRA level with over-the-top, glammed out red-carpet looks. Each doll comes with a premium, voluminous gown, luxe accessories, trendy hairstyle and an adorable matching pet! Posable and playful, these dolls are stylized to the max, rocking fashion looks made to stand out.



The Barbie Extra Fancy dolls are the ultimate Hollywood royalty, dressed to kill in their glitzy gowns and fancy accessories. Barbie's blonde hair is styled in a high ponytail with pink tips, and her pink high-low gown is made of premium glossy pleather fabric. It's like she's saying, "I woke up like this, darling!"


And her pet puppy is just as extra, with its pink hair, bow details, and cute expression that will melt your heart. It's like they say, "Like Owner, Like Pet."


If you're looking for a gift that will make a statement, the Barbie Extra Fancy dolls are it—especially for those who love to be extra themselves. So treat your little one to a bit of glam and watch their imagination soar!




Barbie Extra Mini


Buy Barbie Extra Min From Amazon Now $15 (Was $17)


Barbie Extra Mini dolls may be small, but they are a powerful fashion punch pack! These 5.5-inch dolls are made to slay with their over-the-top looks and accessory pieces that will shake you. And to top it all off, they come with their own branded doll stand because even mini dolls deserve to be displayed in style!


Consider the extra-long, brunette-to-orange ombre hairstyled in half-up bunches on this Barbie Extra Minis doll, together with her tie-dye jacket and matching shorts. She looks like a piece of living art!


Additionally, her accessories are stylish. Look at those fringe boots, pineapple clutcpurh, jewel earrings, and shiny gold sunglasses. This doll doesn't hesitate to take chances and enjoy her appearance. This tiny doll is ideal for playing dress-up or as a focal point on your shelf.


Best Pick

Barbie Extra Minis Doll #5 (5.5 in) Wearing Tie-Dye Jacket & Shorts, with Doll Stand

Barbie Extra Minis Doll #5 (5.5 in) Wearing Tie-Dye Jacket & Shorts, with Doll Stand & Accessories Including Sunglasses and Purse, Gift for Kids 3 Years Old & Up? For $12.49

Meet the most EXTRA small dolls -- the Barbie Extra Minis. They're just like the over-the-top Barbie Extra dolls -- but miniaturized! Posable and playful in looks made to slay, these 5.5-inch dolls are mini with oversized personalities and aesthetics. Each doll comes with extra-long rooted hair, a playful fashion and over-the-top accessories.


Barbie Extra 5 Dolls 5 Pets 70 Styling Pieces


Buy Barbie Extra 5 Pack From Walmart For $ 152


The Barbie Extra 5-doll pack is the ultimate in EXTRA-ness! With five dolls, 70 pieces of fashion and styling accessories, and five unique pets, each doll has a unique look, complete with big hair, statement jewelry, and lots of layering. 


This pack comes with an exclusive doll paired with a pet just as stylish and unique as its owner. It's like a dynamic duo, but make it fashionable!


Barbie Extra dolls' long hair, flashy jewelry, and numerous layers all speak to the "more is more" philosophy regarding fashion. They perfectly represent the adage "Go Big Or Go Home"!


The posable dolls have 11 joints, so they're ready to strike a pose and capture the perfect moment. The exclusive Barbie Extra doll in this pack is a trendsetter, with her long, sparkly white hair styled in high pigtails and her cool polka-dot outfit paired with furry blue legwarmers and many-layered accessories. Her pet puppy is just as fabulous, with its pink bathtub and cucumber mask.


It's like having your mini fashion show at home. Don't miss out on this amazing collection; it's like having your cake and eating it too!


Best Pick

Barbie Extra 5-Doll Set with 6 Pets and 70 Styling Pieces

Barbie Extra 5-Doll Set with 6 Pets and 70 Styling Pieces For $149.99

This Barbie deluxe 5 doll playset will provide hours of imaginative play! This exclusive set includes five Barbie Extra dolls, six pets and 70 fashion and styling pieces! Each Barbie Extra doll has their own unique style -- their fashions are fierce, their hairstyles are major, even their pets are EXTRA! Included in the collection is an exclusive Barbie Extra doll.



Barbie Extra Car


Buy Barbie Extra 5 Pack From Walmart For $ 13.99


The Hot Wheels Barbie Extra (Silver) 2022 Tooned is a toy car that's part of the Hot Wheels collection, which has been a favorite among kids and adults since 1968. This awesomely detailed car in 1:64 scale is made of die-cast metal and is perfect for collectors or anyone who loves toy cars. It's recommended for ages three and up, so kids can join the fun too. Whether you're looking to add to your Hot Wheels collection or give a baby gift to a car enthusiast, this Hot Wheels Barbie Extra (Silver) 2022 Tooned is sure to thrill you!


Best Pick

Hot Wheels Barbies Extra, Tooned 5/5 [Silver]

Hot Wheels Barbies Extra, Tooned 5/5 [Silver] 134/250 For $7.80

Greetings from Barbie Land! This Barbie: The Movie Hot Wheels Corvette 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Metal Vehicle makes a great gift for fans and collectors alike!





  1. What Is Barbie Extra?


The Barbie Extra collection, launched in 2020, showcases dolls with a penchant for bold and trendy fashion, with articulated, poseable limbs. These dolls have 15 attire and accessories, including a pet and matching pet accessories. 


  1. How Many Barbie Extras Are There?


The Barbie Extra line has at least five dolls in its series. In 2023, a new line of Barbie Extra dolls called Barbie Extra Fly will be available. Every doll is prepared to travel to far-off places because they are all outfitted in vibrantly colored vacation attire. The Barbie Extra Fly collection will include the first-ever Barbie Extra Ken figure.


The Barbie Extra 2023 doll line comprises five collectible dolls: Desert, Snow, Safari, and two beach dolls. One is the Extra Ken figure, with more editions slated for release separately. While the number of Barbie Extra dolls released is unknown, a collector's website estimates that around 79% are available.