6 Must have Hotel Rooms Service

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Updated: October 15, 2018
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6 Must have Hotel Rooms Service


If you are a travel junkie like me, then you might feel like booking the best hotel room that offers all the luxurious amenities!!


The truth be told, living in a hotel room can sometimes make you homesick because you start missing the luxurious of your home. But if your hotel room offers you the best amenities than living far from the home and enjoying your vacation is a bliss.


Recently, I went to Twain Harte for a small family vacation with my family and trust me the services offered by the Twain Harte hotels was just amazing. We enjoyed our mini vacation a lot and whenever we came back from sightseeing or after spending an adventurous day in the town, the hotel staff catered to our needs and pampered as well.


Some people might not enjoy their hotel rooms, but there are numerous amenities provided by the hotels so that their guests feel at ease and enjoy their vacations!!


So after spending a lot of time traveling and living in hotels, I decided to put together a post about what a hotel room services should offer and give their guests a good time. Undoubtedly, the services like free WiFi, good air conditioning and heating system, and the running water in the toilets is not all we are in for.


The basic amenities that every hotel provides such as the abundance of power outlets for lightweight laptops, smartphones, tablets and etc are offered in every hotel but everyone wants more out of it and so below is the list of other luxurious amenities that I also want besides all of the other basic ones.


An Espresso Machine

I know some of my friends who can not even function without a coffee and to be honest I also need an instant cup of coffee in the morning to get going. Think of all the hassle you go through while ordering it in your room and waiting for it impatiently.


Wouldn’t it be great for an espresso machine in your hotel room already!!


I just love this idea because I will always be able to enjoy my first cup of the day in my room before I get my day started. So of course, I will be in a very good mood even before I even order my breakfast from a room service.


A Simple Shower

Usually, the hotels choose to have an advance tapping system in their toilets, but I always take time to contemplate and find out how to work it. I hope I am not alone in this!!


Beautiful showers do attract but who would want to waste time figuring out how to make it work quickly?? Since there is a variety of showers now available in the market, I fail to understand why is that so? I mean what is the need of having fancy taps in the first place?


To be honest, I very old-fashioned and one simple knob for cold water and a one for hot water will do the trick for me. But in many hotel showers there is now use of temperature controls, and pressure controls which I really find difficult to work with.


So I would be glad to have a simple shower in my hotel room and feel relax in knowing that I don't have to figure out the temperature of water I prefer before I want to take a dive in my shower.


Toiletries at a Rescue

When you are traveling a lot, sometimes you are prone to forget a thing or a two!! And in my case, I always forget to keep certain toiletries in my luggage, especially the toothpaste.


Anyhow, it would be the best surprise to find a mini kit of toiletries in my hotel room. If the airplane staff can offer you the toiletries then why can’t the hotels??


Free Water Bottles

At times I ask myself that why do we have to pay for water?? I mean we have a right to get a free water bottle if we are paying a lump sum amount for our hotel room, right??


And if its free then any water will do such as Evian or Nestle or Aquafina. Seriously, the hotels need to offer guests with two free water bottles per day. You Know in India the water is always served as soon as you step in any shop or hotel, it is a part of their culture that they bring water without even asking guests that they want it or not!!


Amazing, right??


Blackout Drapes

Okay, so I would love to have blackout drapes in my hotel room. I mean at times when I have had a very long flight and reach my destination early morning I would really appreciate having a few hours of sleep and would not be get disturbed by the daylight coming into my room. blackout drapes.


Blackout drapes can be a godsend if you have a severe jet lag. Even if you have not traveled far, the tiring journeys want us to leap at the first chance of hitting the bed and doze off in a peaceful sleep without any disturbance at all.


So blackout drapes are hands down the best thing ever in a hotel room!!


Delightful Pillows 

A fluffy pillow with the amazing pillow scents can usually throw you off guard. I mean it is a known fact that sleeping on a scented pillow will make yourself calm and will make you sleep like a baby.


I personally think that every hotel room should offer a plumpy scented pillow. However, if you love the decorative pillows in your hotel room then you must know not to use those because decorative pillows cannot be washed, so it means that the decorative pillow is probably sitting there with lots of germs already. It is better to pt for the white pillows with a refreshing scent that is optional in many hotel rooms.


So, these are some of the amazing things to have in a hotel room. Trust me, these little things will make the guests feel satisfied with the hotel services and they opt to check in again on their next visits.