5 Unbeatable Reasons to Start Meditating Today

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Updated: July 12, 2018
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5 Unbeatable Reasons to Start Meditating Today


Avery Wanshel  Contributor,

Avery Wanshel is a creative writer, author and social media strategist who has worked for quite a few high profile brands as well as a few startup companies in a career.


Meditation is an excellent way to relieve stress, to clear your mind, and to be altogether more relaxed and conscious.


The word “meditation” comes from Latin and means something like: thinking, meditating, and thinking. Meditation, without any question, has, religious roots, but it can also be practiced independently. Today more than ever, meditation is used as a method of relaxation and is sometimes used in psychotherapies.


Basically, meditating is a simple mindfulness and concentration exercise. The facts are: You sit upright but comfortably in a quiet place, concentrating on your own breath.


Thoughts are registered, but they do not let them go any further. Not a big tear, then. Easy and uncomplicated. And yet so effective...


Scientific studies show that regular meditation can help with health problems such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, heart problems, and pain.


In addition, it seems to have a positive effect on the immune system. Subjects also showed less anxiety and depressive symptoms after several weeks of meditation training. It also improves brain activity and makes it more stress-resistant.


But what exactly does that mean for you, me and our everyday life? What does meditation bring in everyday life?


Here are the top 5, why you too should start meditating immediately:


1. Meditation Provides Peace of Mind


Usually, we think about something non-stop. “Did I really close the stove?" ... "I have to call my mother later" ... what should I cook for dinner tonight? "..." Oh, you wanted to get new handkerchiefs “and so on and so forth.


That's normal in itself. Our mind is constantly in motion. However, the constant mindset can also cause violent stress or bring us to sleep at night.


I'm sure you also know that you can’t fall asleep because everything in the head is still spinning and spinning or waking up at night just to start the carousel again.


Meditation can help to press the STOP button. The key is letting go of thoughts. Thoughts do not come from the outside but from the inside. So we ourselves are the creators of our thoughts, and as such, we can also decide whether or not to pursue a particular thought.


2. Meditation Increases Awareness and Concentration

By focusing on your own breath, you are brought into the current moment. Past worries and future plans fade.


In this way, the mind is trained to stay focused on one thing without distraction. This promotes concentration and allows us to become clearer, more present and more aware over time.


3. Meditation Helps Reduce Stress


A wonderful by-product of meditation exercises is the accompanying relaxation: blood pressure and heart rate lower. Muscle tension is released. The body comes to rest. By learning to let thoughts pass and not to jump at them right away.


For our thoughts trigger the same physical state of arousal as the real world. For example, thinking of the imminent presentation, we break out in sweat, begin to tremble, etc. By letting the thoughts pass and concentrating on our breath, the body can also let go.


4. Meditation Can Relieve Pain


Meditation exercises are sometimes used in the treatment of pain or even in chronic diseases. It is not about eliminating the pain, but to change the inner attitude to him.


The idea is this: because we recognize the pain as an enemy image, it causes a lot of stress in the body. For example, when I'm thinking of a toothache all the time thinking about the unpleasant feeling ("ahh... this stupid tooth, it hurts ... it pokes and throbs, I can’t concentrate anymore ..."), my whole body tightens up everything reacts to my anger towards this aching tooth.


But as soon as we learn to accept the pain, the body can relax, which causes us to perceive pain as less subjective.


5. Meditation Leads to More Serenity


Meditation can help us to develop some distance from the confusion of our thoughts. The same applies to our feelings. Feelings are also temporary phenomena of the mind.


Some people displace them by swallowing everything and eating it down. Others always have to let everything out, let off steam and release pressure.


Both often cause a lot of damage.


Through meditation, we can give birth to our feelings, naming and accepting them, without nourishing them with any further thoughts.


Regular meditation training thus helps you to feel your own body, your thoughts and feelings better and more consciously, and to accept these things as part of yourself.


No Master Fell from the Sky

Do you still ask yourself the question: What meditation brings?


Probably not. I hope I have been able to show you that meditation can do a lot and enrich your life immensely. No wonder so many people swear by it.


However, like most good things in life, it does not work overnight and requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and regular exercise.